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Welcome to the Smart Poker Study Podcast. The top-ranked poker podcast that delivers critical play and study strategies along with action steps that force you into action for more effective learning because action is the greatest teacher.


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My mission is to help you become the player you want to be on your poker journey, one step at a time. This podcast will get you there with critical study & play strategies along with action steps that help you exploit your opponents, plug leaks and earn more profits.

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Using PokerTracker 4 Reporting

I use PokerTracker 4 as my poker tracking software of choice.  It gives me an incredible advantage over many of my opponents, who at the micro stakes, don’t use it (or possibly don't even know it…

Listen Now about Using PokerTracker 4 Reporting

Recognize and Eliminate Poker Tilt

Jared Tendler in his incredible book on poker tilt, The Mental Game of Poker, defines tilt as anything that takes you away from playing great poker.  This is such a broad definition that we necessarily…

Listen Now about Recognize and Eliminate Poker Tilt

Poker Tilt Control with Logic Statements

We all know that the variance in poker is something you can't control, but what you can control is how you react to the negative variance you encounter.  Having a good attitude towards variance will…

Listen Now about Poker Tilt Control with Logic Statements

Improve Your Poker Game – Inchworm and the Process Model

The Inchworm Concept was popularized within poker by Jared Tendler in his timeless book, The Mental Game of Poker. The inchworm moves by planting it's back foot, stretching forward, grasping with the front foot then…

Listen Now about Improve Your Poker Game – Inchworm and the Process Model

Poker and Your Unconscious Competence

Jared Tendler's book, The Mental Game of Poker, discusses a learning theory called the Four Stages of Competence.  This theory was originally developed by Noel Burch in the '70s.  It's a model for how we…

Listen Now about Poker and Your Unconscious Competence

3bet Resteal Poker Challenge

I'm subscribed to the mailing list of TransformMyPoker.com, and the coach behind the site, Nick Wealthall, recently sent out a poker 3bet re-steal challenge he called ‘Re-steal for the Win.'  I decided to take him…

Listen Now about 3bet Resteal Poker Challenge

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Choose one of the Smart Poker Study Podcast collections below to learn critical strategies and useful action steps that boost your poker skills in the area you're most concerned with.

Group 1532

Effective Studies

How to study with purpose to improve your skills and avoid information overload.

Group 1533

Exploitative Poker

Learn to exploit every player with your Poker HUD and earn more pots & value.

Group 1534

Poker’s #1 Skill: Hand Reading

I’ll help you learn this crucial skill so you can “read their souls” and dominate.



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