Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4

SMART HUD for PokerTracker 4 screenshots:

The Cash Game HUD showing a 37/8 Fish who doesn't fold versus 3bets (f3:0), calls 28% of the time (bottom left stat) and folds versus flop cbets at 69% and versus turn cbets at 71%. What a great fish to target!

6max MTT.SNG

6max Tournament Smart HUD with 23 useful elements. The 2nd line, from left to right are steal related stats: Steal in CO 10%, Steal on BTN 23%, Fold to Steal in SB 81%, Fold to Steal in BB 47%, Steal in SB 15% and Fold BB vs SB Steal 25%.

This player (37/8 Villain 96) doesn't steal often, so we should believe their open-raises and fold most of our hands in the blinds. But, we should 3bet big with our best hands because he doesn't fold after raising. Also, he folds more when OOP on the flop and turn than when IP… so we bluff more frequently with position post-flop.

Whoa, this Fish limps 36% of the time and folds 58% after limping. He folds so much on flops and turn that he wins $ at SD 54% of the time. Beware his river bets and raises.