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Colossus II at the WSOP and LIVE MTT’s | Podcast #070


Sky Matsuhashi

on June 7, 2016

Today I discuss going to the WSOP, give you some LIVE tourney tips and discuss some of the lessons I learned from playing in this year’s Colossus II.

Download and listen to this episode as you follow along below.


Colossus II at the WSOP and LIVE MTT’s

Heading to the WSOP (1:45)

  • The place is busy, pre-reg for all tourneys (online or in-person), get tickets early
  • Stay cheap! Gold Coast and Palms are decent, off the strip even better
  • Use Uber
  • Get used to the WSOP atmosphere
    • Play SNG’s or cash, visit the Poker Kitchen, find the restrooms, hit the WSOP shop and pick a prize for cashing
  • Look for famous faces
    • This year I saw James Woods, Dennis Phillips, George Danzer, Bernard Lee, Alan Kessler, Greg Raymer, Vanessa Rousso, Robert Mizrachi, Ted Forest, Bill Chen, Benyamine, Alessandro
  • Watch big events: like this past weekend's $10K 7-card Stud
  • Meet people, say hi, everyone pretty cool

LIVE Tourney Tips (10:40)

  1. Know the structure
    • Structure sheets are available
    • Know when you’ll likely be ss assuming you don’t chip up
  2. Play your normal game. Make adjustments, but don’t do things just cause others are doing them.
  3. Sit up straight, deep breath, look left (from Tommy Angelo and ‘Elements of Poker‘)
  4. Watch the action of every hand, learn from each
  5. Take notes on your opp’s, especially 2 left/right
    • ‘Table Conditions' in Evernote
    • Notebook for complete hand history writing
  6. Trust your gut
  7. Play IP

Lessons Learned (19:45)

  1. Know what time the bubble will likely burst
    • Online is super easy, LIVE you must pay attention
  2. Let the tension out
    • Walk around, pushups, go to the bathroom when in EP
  3. Don’t play timidly
    • Play as you would online
    • Don't let the fact it's only one table make you treat it delicately
  4. Play more LIVE tourneys
    • Get in more practice before important events like the Colossus
  5. Show aggression when others show weakness
    • Position is best for this
    • OOP you can ck then donk lead the next street

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Up Next…

In episode #71, I'll go through the Smart Poker Study Facebook Discussion Group and we'll see the types of discussions we have over there.

Until next time, study smart, play much and make your next session the best one yet.


Sky Matsuhashi

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