Walking Wednesday Podcast Episodes

In these Walking Wednesday podcast episodes, I record my poker thoughts (the good, the great and the variance) as I take my dogs out for one of our daily walks.

WW #52: Learn What They Donk Bet With

Walking Wednesday #51: Get over your results-oriented mindset

WW #50: Ask & Answer “What is Villain betting?” before calling post-flop

WW #49: Stay sane at the tables with logic statements

WW #48: Calm that beating heart

Walking Wednesday #47: Play Only When in A-game Mindset

Episode #46: Warm-up Before Your Next Session

Episode #45: Stop Not Knowing

WW #44: Dance Away the Doldrums

Walking Wednesday #43: Train yourself to NOT play tired, drunk or distracted

WW #42: Work to Ingrain New Mental Reactions to Tilting Situations

WW #41: Stop saying, “I hate that hand!”

Walking Wednesday #40: No Expectations

WW #39: 3 Reasons Why I LOVE Online Poker

WW #38: Don't Play Bingo With LIVE Poker Players – Raise It Up!

Walking Wednesday #37: Poker Mandate: Practice What You Study

WW #36: Put in more poker volume to increase your skills and ROI

WW #35: Tommy Angelo’s 3 Things Also Work for Online Poker Players

Walking Wednesday #34: There are good reasons for straying outside your preflop poker ranges

WW #33: Now that you’re aware of your poker problems, you can work to correct them

WW #32: Get More Productive with the Ivy Lee Method

Walking Wednesday #31: Set-up Your Poker Play Environment for Success

WW #30: Your words tell you where your poker mind is at

WW #29: The Poker Wisdom of Confucius

Walking Wednesday #28: Exploit Spewy LAG’s by Calling In Position

WW #27: Poker Planning for the Flop, Turn and River

WW #26: Speak Through Your Decisions Like Twitch Poker Streamers Do

Walking Wednesday #25: Better Focus with One Song on Repeat

WW #24: “I love playing poker with terrible players!”

WW #23: No Auto-piloting at the Poker Tables

Walking Wednesday #22: The Best Poker Strategy Skill

WW #21: The Best Poker Mental Game Skill: No Expectations

WW #20: Patience is a Cash Game Virtue

Walking Wednesday #19: Isolation Raise to 14bb’s to Earn More Chips?

WW #18: There’s more to Vegas than the WSOP

WW #17: Don’t tell me that you’re weak, show me that you’re strong

Walking Wednesday #16: Visualization and Ditching the Tiny Pocket Pairs

WW #15: Misplaying and Losing Theoretical Value with AA

WW #14: Using Visualization During My Warm-ups

Walking Wednesday #13: Equity Realization

WW #12: Control Finger Tilt

WW #11: Don’t Should On Me

Walking Wednesday #10: Making Poker Better For Yourself

WW #9: No More Rage Quitting

WW #8: Whip Out Your Shield of Logic and Solve Your Problems

Walking Wednesday #7: Stop Calling 3bets Out of Spite

WW #6: The Benefits and Perils of Isolating Limpers

WW #5: Take Responsibility, Skip the Blame Game and Learn From It

Walking Wednesday #4: Listen to Pai Mei: Don't Acquiesce to Defeat Before You Begin

Pai Mei: great teacher

It's the wood that should fear your hand, not the other way around. No wonder you can't do it. You acquiesce to defeat before you even begin.

WW #3: You Signed Up For Poker, it Comes with Variance, Accept it

WW #2: 3bet Bluffs Want Folds

Walking Wednesday #1: Taking Breaks to Reduce Tilt