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You've hit a poker brick wall...

  • Stuck at the same skill level for months or years
  • You only play your hole cards and the board
  • Feeling frustration at your lack of development
  • You know you must study... but don't have the time

I get it, I was there too...

For years I was a losing player, only playing my hole cards and the board, never "playing the player" nor making any strong, reliable reads on my opponents.

Poker was just a frustrating guessing game, and I was consistently making the wrong plays and losing bankroll after bankroll.

I would often think to myself, "Well, I guess he could have a flush, but I've got a straight! There's no way I can fold!"

Or, I would call on the river with my top pair hand, knowing I was beat, but hoping beyond hope that maybe this time he was bluffing.

It got to the point where I never thought I would turn a profit in this game.

Then in 2014, I finally figured out what successful players did that improved their reads and decisions and earned them loads of poker profits.

... and that's when everything changed for me.


All I cared about was:

  • My 2 hole cards
  • The flop cards
  • The turn card
  • The river card

My decisions were poor because I was only using the most basic information. I ignored everything else and my decisions suffered for it.

Is this the boat you're in right now?


Within just 5 weeks, I went from losing poker to winning poker and started earning back my losses from the prior years.

What made the difference? How did I finally improve my decision-making and results, which ultimately led to me becoming a poker coach?

I discovered hand reading.

Hand reading taught me to use all the info available:

  • My 2 hole cards and the board cards
  • My opponent's range of hands based on actions and tendencies
  • Player positions and all the players at the table
  • Stack and pot sizes
  • Future board cards
  • The equity my hand had against my opponent's range

My game vastly improved and I started winning because more information leads to better decisions.


I know this is where you want to be.


Hand Reading Course

That’s why I created a step-by-step system to help you use all the information available in every hand (not just your hole cards) to make better decisions and earn more than your "fair share" of chips and pots.

Hand Reading Course is a master class on playing the player. I'll teach you how to assign your opponent a range of hands based on their actions and tendencies, then show you how to narrow their range through the streets to make great reads and even better exploitative plays against them.


Do As You Consume Videos

Learn easily by following along with me as you watch each video.

Cheatsheets & Downloads

To help you learn and apply the lessons in study and in-game.

Logical Progression Training

I take you by the hand to learn the hand reading process step-by-step.

Quizzes & Demonstrations

To test your progress and show you exactly how I do the exercises.

Every Situation Covered

You open-raise and cbet a lot, but you also call or face limpers, donk bets or check-raises. You'll learn to hand read every situation.

What will you learn in the course?

This course covers these three primary topics:

Hand reading is poker's #1 skill and it's not easy to learn... it's actually very tough! When you're just starting out, you're going to make loads of mistakes and screw up the steps in the process.

But that's okay! (and to be expected)

This course will teach you to learn from your mistakes as you progress through the strategy videos, demonstrations and quizzes.

You'll start with learning how to assign a preflop range of hands based on your opponent's tendencies and their exact actions. For example, a tight player will have a different 3betting range on the button than a passive fish would, right?

And the passive fish calls with a much wider range in the small blind than a tight player would.

You'll learn how to analyze all the preflop information available to you to assign accurate ranges to every opponent in every situation.

You'll next learn how to accurately narrow your opponent's post-flop range based on their actions (and non-actions). For example, a loose-aggressive player may check-raise bluff with the nut flush draw, while more passive players will happily just call and NOT risk extra chips by raising.

As you're watching the videos in this part, the most important thing is that you "do as you consume". You've got to have Flopzilla Pro* open (the best hand reading software available) and follow along with me.

Part of the difficulty in learning how to hand read is using the program. Following along with me will go a long way towards making you more comfortable and effective with Flopzilla Pro for hand reading.

And you'll learn that showdowns are your biggest source of information. Once we see the hand your opponent shows down, you'll review the hand to gain an even deeper understanding of what your opponent values in the hand, so you can make better future reads and exploitative plays against them (and players like them) in the future.

*Important - You must already own Flopzilla Pro before you get this course. You cannot learn to hand read without it.

Course Breakdown


2.4 hours of instruction through 7 videos + 2 downloads

Group 1515
4 Strategy Videos:
  • How to Hand Read
  • Assigning Preflop Ranges
  • Assign Unknown Player Ranges
  • Narrowing Post-flop Ranges
3 Hand Reading Video Quizzes
  • 30-day Course Checklist with video descriptions and keywords
  • Hand Reading Infographic with the steps of hand reading


1.4 hours of instruction through 5 videos + 1 article

Group 1515
2 Strategy Videos:
  • The 3 L's
  • I LOVE Showdowns!
3 Hand Reading Demonstration Videos
  • The Villain's Range
  • Poker's Ultimate Question
  • The Hero's Range
1 Article:
  • Poker's Ultimate Question


2.1 hours of instruction through 8 videos + 2 downloads

Group 1515
3 Strategy Videos:
  • Training Range/Board Interaction
  • Develop Range/Board Understanding
  • Use HUD Stats for Hand Reading
5 Hand Reading Demonstration Videos
  • Both Player's Ranges
  • A Limp/Caller's Range
  • A 3bettor's Range
  • A 2bet/Call 3bet Range
  • Multiple Caller's Ranges
  • Range & Board Interaction Spreadsheet
  • Flopzilla Pro Range Work Spreadsheet


1.6 hours of instruction through 3 videos + 1 article and 4 downloads

Group 1515
1 Article:
  • In-game Hand Reading
1 Strategy Video:
  • Range Cheat Sheets
1 Demonstration Video:
  • In-game Hand Reading
1 LIVE Group Coaching + Q&A Recording
4 Downloads: Range Cheat Sheets for Use In-game:
  • 2bet Ranges
  • Call 2bet Ranges
  • 3bet Ranges
  • Call 3bet Ranges


Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been playing poker since 2005, I have 37 poker books (your books included), but the learning information you provide is unbelievable. I didn't know I had so much to learn! My profit has become even greater in the last 2 months because of you, thank you and I hope you will continue to do so for a long time.

-Philippe Verhelst

The Hand Reading Course was a great experience. Very useful and if you can make it a daily practice, it will do wonders!

-Nektarios Kolokythas


Using your style of hand reading, I practiced every day and I have been able to really pinpoint what my opponents have had. The month was a complete success! I love your style of teaching better than any other coach I've used. You are fresh and full of energy and you explain the things that I need explained. I love all the cheat sheets you give us and having to fill them out keeps me focused on one thing at a time instead of trying to learn it all at once.

My last 200 tournaments and my graph looks pretty good!

-Greg Thompson

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  • Over 7.5 hours of video instruction
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- Sky Matsuhashi
Creator, Smart Poker Study and the Poker Forge Membership

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Get the Complete Hand Reading Course Today

  • Over 7.5 hours of video instruction
  • 23 Videos (strategy, quizzes and demonstrations)
  • 8 Course Downloads
  • 2 Expert Articles