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Welcome to the Smart Poker Study Podcast. The top-ranked poker podcast that delivers critical play and study strategies along with action steps that force you into action for more effective learning because action is the greatest teacher.


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My mission is to help you become the player you want to be on your poker journey, one step at a time. This podcast will get you there with critical study & play strategies along with action steps that help you exploit your opponents, plug leaks and earn more profits.

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DO NOT Commit Chips When Confused [Poker Podcast]

Take heed: committing chips when confused in a hand is a sure way to become (or remain) a losing player! In this podcast, I help you handle things when confused and give you a great…

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How to Make Poker Easier and More Fun – The 3 Advantages

Listen to the episode as you follow along below: This article was originally published by Cardplayer Lifestyle on 5.17.23 How to Make Poker Easier and More Fun – The 3 Advantages Have you ever thought…

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Continuation Betting Fundamentals

I'm going to cover the fundamental things you need to consider before making your next value or bluff continuation bet. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: Continuation Betting Fundamentals What is the…

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20 Quick Tips Every Online Poker Player Needs to Know

Here are 20 quick online poker tips that are sure to boost your results. Even if you already know a lot (or all) of these things, it's helpful to be reminded of them occasionally. Watch…

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes (& FIXES!) New Poker Hand Readers Make

Here are the 10 most common mistakes new poker hand readers make. Are you guilty of any yourself? If so, put the fix in place and become a better hand reader today. Watch this podcast…

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Let's Build Your Confidence in “Tough” Poker Spots

I'm sure there are some poker situations and plays in which you have ZERO confidence. Let's work to build your confidence in these “tough” spots. Watch this episode on the Smart Poker Study YouTube channel:…

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Choose one of the Smart Poker Study Podcast collections below to learn critical strategies and useful action steps that boost your poker skills in the area you're most concerned with.

Group 1532

Effective Studies

How to study with purpose to improve your skills and avoid information overload.

Group 1533

Exploitative Poker

Learn to exploit every player with your Poker HUD and earn more pots & value.

Group 1534

Poker’s #1 Skill: Hand Reading

I’ll help you learn this crucial skill so you can “read their souls” and dominate.



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