It’s Time to Take Action

I’ve taken all the insights I’ve learned from my years of poker play, study and coaching to create these valuable poker courses. Each course consists of multiple videos and action steps that will improve your play and study skills.


Flopzilla Pro Course

Learn poker’s #1 equity analysis and hand reading software to become a better, more profitable player.


Get More From PokerTracker

Maximize your PokerTracker tools with over 7 hours of expert training.


1-Day 3Bet Bluffing Course

Get aggressive and start winning more pre flop pots today. Learn the strategies you need to win pre flop pots.

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Anonymous Poker Exploits

Learn how to exploit anonymous players with the little information you have.


Poker Study Boot Camp

Become a poker pro by learning the study principles and techniques that will lead to a successful and fun poker journey.

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Hand Reading Course

Become a master hand reader and exploit your opponents in just 30 days… Without spending hundreds of hours studying.


Online Poker First Steps Course

Everything you need to begin a profitable online poker journey. Get started on the right path to success.


Elevate Your Poker Mindset

This is a FREE 12-Day course that will help you to pursue a profitable online poker journey.



The Ultimate Poker Membership For Online Micro Stakes Players

The Poker Forge membership is all about active learning and will give you the knowledge, tools and actionable guidance you need to forge yourself into the winning poker player you want to be.

9 Masterclass Courses

9 Masterclass courses designed to build foundational and profitable poker skills.

Professional Strategies

Expert poker education that will teach you professional strategies while helping you avoid poker overwhelm.

Action Steps

With every strategy you learn, you’ll be given tasks to accomplish on and off the felt to solidify the strategies and skillset.

Live Events

LIVE online Q&As and workshops that will give you direct feedback on the questions that arise as you learn and take action.

Updates & New Courses

The Poker Forge members get full access to new strategies and courses as they are released from Smart Poker Study.

Member Community

Get exclusive access to The Poker Forge Discord Server to learn and grow alongside other members of The Poker Forge.

Here’s What The Poker Forge Members are Saying


“After 1 month following the strategies of the Poker Forge, I´ve been following the 1st course step-by-step and the results are great (+13bb/100 over 15.5K hands)! I realize that I have more leaks to improve, but I’m sure that I can improve my game in the next month following the next videos and strategies.



“Using your style of hand reading, I practiced every day and I have been able to really pinpoint what my opponents have had. The month was a complete success! I love your style of teaching better than any other coach I’ve used. My last 200 tournaments and my graph looks pretty good (+150% ROI)!”



“Had a pretty good past week: 8,404 hands, +$43.66, + 10.39 BB/100 Hands. I know you’re a really busy guy and just want to thank you for the bonuses and the time you have taken to give me some advice.”




Need Simple & Effective Poker Study Guidance?

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This free (and highly-actionable) cheat sheet will give you the simplest and most effective study techniques so your time isn't wasted and you improve your skills as quickly as possible.