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My mission is to help you become the player you want to be on your poker journey, one step at a time. This podcast will get you there with critical study & play strategies along with action steps that help you exploit your opponents, plug leaks and earn more profits.

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3bet Resteal Poker Challenge

I'm subscribed to the mailing list of TransformMyPoker.com, and the coach behind the site, Nick Wealthall, recently sent out a poker 3bet re-steal challenge he called ‘Re-steal for the Win.'  I decided to take him…

Listen Now about 3bet Resteal Poker Challenge

Poker Math – Break-even %

Poker math can be daunting for some people, but with practice it will become second nature even to the ultra math-impaired.  A very beneficial poker math calculation is the Break-even %. The Break-even % (BE%)…

Listen Now about Poker Math – Break-even %

Post-flop Poker Playability and Increasing 3bet Aggression

Like most players new to poker study, I've heard many pro's and coaches say things like, “JTs plays well post-flop” and “Q6o doesn't play so well.”  I never really looked into it to learn more…

Listen Now about Post-flop Poker Playability and Increasing 3bet Aggression

Poker Math – Outs and Odds

There are many aspects to poker that you learn as you play and study over time.  For example: Knowing when it's optimal to use ICM in your decisions or not Spotting great opportunities to pull…

Listen Now about Poker Math – Outs and Odds

30 Days of Posts Challenge – COMPLETED!

“It was a long and difficult 30 days… he'd never done anything like this before… he wasn't sure he'd complete the task when he had begun…” And so begins the final post in my 30-Day…

Listen Now about 30 Days of Posts Challenge – COMPLETED!

My New Poker HUD Part 8 – the 3Bet Pop-up

This is the final part in a series about my newly developed poker HUD for MTT's and SNG's. In this post I’ll discuss my 3Bet Pop-up.  It’s taken directly from Apestyles' pop-up with a few…

Listen Now about My New Poker HUD Part 8 – the 3Bet Pop-up

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Choose one of the Smart Poker Study Podcast collections below to learn critical strategies and useful action steps that boost your poker skills in the area you're most concerned with.

Group 1532

Effective Studies

How to study with purpose to improve your skills and avoid information overload.

Group 1533

Exploitative Poker

Learn to exploit every player with your Poker HUD and earn more pots & value.

Group 1534

Poker’s #1 Skill: Hand Reading

I’ll help you learn this crucial skill so you can “read their souls” and dominate.



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