Poker Tools of the Trade

We’ve put together a list of essential tools that you need to become an expert poker player.


The Ultimate Poker Membership

The Poker Forge is the best training membership site for online micro stakes players. The 9 Masterclass Courses are all about active learning and will give you the knowledge, tools and actionable guidance you need to turn yourself into the winning poker player you want to be.

Essential Software

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PokerTracker 4

PokerTracker4 is the #1 poker tracking software available. I’ve been using it since 2006 to improve my and my student’s skills. With its awesome and easily adaptable HUD, I’m able to find multiple ways to exploit my opponent’s tendencies. Quick and easy hand history reviews with a great replayer and real-time stats make studying my hands and my opponents very effective.

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Flopzilla Pro

Flopzilla Pro is the most incredible range and equity analysis software available. It lets you quickly enter a specific hand or a player’s range and determine how well it interacts with various boards. It also analyzes multiple ranges at a time and it’s the perfect software to train you in poker’s #1 skill: hand reading. The interface is super user-friendly and intuitive.

Anonymous Poker Tools

These tools will help you exploit players and learn from your hands on anonymous online sites.

Recommended Online Poker Sites & Tools


#1 for US: Americas Cardroom

ACR is the most trusted U.S. Poker Room since 2001. Features:

  • 27% RAKEBACK with code SPSPOD when you create your account
  • Killer 1st deposit bonus (100% up to $2,000 when using bitcoin)
  • 24/7 cash game action and a great tournament schedule
  • Recorded hand histories and works with PokerTracker 4

Bitcoin for Quick Deposits & Withdrawals

Coinbase is the only site I trust to buy and sell bitcoin through. All transactions take < 24 hours! If you purchase $100 through my affiliate link, we will both receive an additional $10 in bitcoin.


Quickly boost your poker skills with these interactive and action-packed workbooks.


Online Poker Hand Reading

  • 6 parts with 28 individual workbook exercises… with answer keys!
  • Videos: 2 hand reading demonstrations, 6 quizzes and 7 additional demonstrations with student’s hands
  • 17 hand reading walkthroughs and exercises
  • 45 hand reading exercises with hands from your own database
  • Downloadable Hand Reading Exercise Synopsis to keep you on track and record your hand reading lessons learned


1-Hour Poker Study

This is the system I used to turn myself into a winning online poker player through purposeful study and play. It has everything you need:

  • Build study and play time into your schedule
  • Measure your results to find and plug your leaks
  • Create your own action steps to practice what you learn
  • Learn from your own database of hands
  • Avoid poker overwhelm

Smart Poker Study Books

All books available in PDF, Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook,


How to Study Poker Vol 1

The first of its kind: a poker book that teaches you how to study poker both on- and off-the-felt. Includes 28 study strategies.


How to Study Poker Vol 2

Learn how simplifying your studies and cutting out the “poker overwhelm” can put you on the road to mastery!


Pre-Flop Online Poker

This easy-to-follow road map will help you build necessary pre-flop skills, making online poker easier and more profitable. Take Action!


Post-Flop Online Poker

Profitable post-flop strategies with loads of examples and 55 action steps because… Action is the greatest teacher!


A Note from Sky

No matter where you are in your poker journey, the best tools will…

  • Help you make better in-game decisions with crucial information (HUD for the win!)
  • Allow for more efficient studies (a database of hands played and the right tools for analysis are crucial for finding & plugging leaks)
  • Help you learn strategies that will accelerate your poker growth and turn you into the profitable poker play you want to be

The trick is getting beyond the poker overwhelm that every serious player faces and only using the tools/software/coaching that will benefit you (and ignoring the rest). My commitment to you is that I only recommend tools that I use for myself and teach my students to use.

The recommendations above are my “go-to” tools for effective and profitable poker study and play, and are fully endorsed by me, your coach. Many of the links above are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission for your purchase. However, this doesn’t come as an additional cost to you.