Become a Poker Hand Reader to Improve Your Decisions and Profits

Hand reading is the most important skill you must work to develop. It's how you're going to “soul read” your opponents and earn more than your “fair share” of pots and profits.

Not only does hand reading translate to improved in-game decisions and maximum exploitation, your study time will become more efficient for it.

Hand reading is the skill of deducing what range of hands your opponent can hold at any given time. This read on their range will help you make profit earning (and saving) decisions.

The Cheat Sheets you can download below will help you assign preflop ranges to your opponents so you can more accurately narrow their ranges through the streets. They will also give you access to a special video that will detail how to use them in-game.

It's going to take some work, but I hope you enjoy the process of turning yourself into a poker hand reader. Ganbatte!


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