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Top 10 Winningest and Losingest Hands of 2022


Sky Matsuhashi

on December 20, 2022

Here are my top 10 hands of 2022, the 7 winningest and 3 losingest. Let's review 'em and learn from my wins and my mistakes!

Watch me review these 10 hands:

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Hand #1: Winning 197b with AA

winningest hand #1 - AA

Action of the hand:

  • MP opens, CO calls with QTo.
  • I 3bet to 10bb with AA, the SB & BB both cold call then the CO calls.
  • 4-way to the 42bb pot. T72r flops.
  • The SB checks, the BB shoves 164bb, the CO calls and I call all-in.
  • The board runs out a 3 and a 4, and I take down the 297bb main pot!


Hand #2: Winning 167bb with KQs

winningest hand #2 - KQs

Action of the hand:

  • CO opens with Ah4h, I 3bet to 9bb with KQs on the BTN.
  • The BB cold calls with TT and the CO calls.
  • 3-way to the 27.4bb pot and the flop comes Kc6h3h.
  • BB donk bets 1/2 pot, the CO calls and I shove 89.6bb with my TPWK.
  • Board runs out a 4 and 6, no hearts, and my TP wins the 265.6bb pot.


Hand #3: Winning 108bb with QQ

winningest hand #3 - QQ

Action of the hand:

  • Two limpers in EP, I choose to iso-raise to 7bb's over these fishy limpers with my QQ on the BTN.
  • The SB cold calls with A6s, then the BB 3bet squeezes 3x to 21bb with AKo.
  • The limpers fold, so I 4bet shove 96.5bb to look bluffy. The SB and BB both call.
  • The board runs out 5KTJA and my rivered straight won the 204.4bb pot.


Hand #4: Winning 179bb with 99

winningest hand #4 - 99

Action of the hand:

  • We open in the MP to 3bb with 99. The CO makes a small 3bet to 7bb.
  • The BTN fish cold calls with KK… yeah! This is a huge mistake fish often make, slow playing with super strong hands.
  • The BB cold calls and I call as well. It's 4-way to the flop of 964r. Sweet, top set rules!
  • I check in order to check-raise. The CO cbets 20.3bb, the BB calls and I min-check-raise to 40.6bb. The CO folds and the BTN calls.
  • The 5 hits the rainbow board, and I shove my remaining 92.8bb and he calls!
  • The river comes another 5 and I take down the 319.2bb pot.


Top Winningest Hand #5: BOMB Pot ???? Winning 226bb with TT

winningest hand #5 - TT

Action of the hand:

  • In this bomb pot hand on Americas Cardroom, I'm dealt TT and we're all forced to put in 4bb's.
  • The flop checks around and the flop is T72 with a pot at 36bb's. I'm loving my top set.
  • I lead out for 2/3 pot at 22.9bb, 3 players call, making the turn pot 127.6bb.
  • The 7c hits, giving me a full house and completing a straight draw. I check and the trip 7's bets, the 6-high flush calls and I check-raise all-in.
  • They both call and the river comes an off-suit 4. I win the 326.3bb pot.


Hand #6: Winning 205bb with KK

winningest hand #6 - KK

Action of the hand:

  • We hold KK in the BB. UTG opens to 4bb and the CO calls with ATo.
  • The BTN also calls and the SB with AJo calls. I pop it to 30bb.
  • The CO calls with ATo (so he called 4 then called 26 more BB's), then the AJ called in the SB.
  • 3-way to the flop of 98bb's and the T93r hits.
  • The SB checks to me and I shove 172bbs, the ATo calls all-in and the AJo does the same.
  • The board runs out a 3 and a 6 and I scoop this 348.7bb bad boy.


Hand #7: Winning 159bb with QQ

winningest hand #7 - QQ

Action of the hand:

  • MP open limps and the CO overlimps. The fish on the BTN makes a tiny iso-raise to 3bb with KK. What a weak play!
  • The SB 3bets to 12bb with AJo, and I 4bet shove my 99bb's. They're all fish, I'm going for max value right now.
  • The limpers fold, the KK calls and the 3bettor calls.
  • The total pot is 272.2bb's and the flop comes Qs7s3s. The KK has a redraw to a flush with the Ks.
  • The board runs out an 8 and a Q, and my quad Q's takes it down!


Hand #8: Losing 117bb with KK

losingest hand #8 - KK

Action of the hand:

  • I'm dealt KK on the BTN. The CO opens to 2.4 and I 3bet to 9bb.
  • He then 4bets to 27.6bb with his JJ.
  • I make a min 5bet in hopes he calls or shoves. He shoved and I snapped called ????
  • He calls and the ugly board is J7794. The sucka out-flopped me! Oh well, easy come, easy go.


Hand #9: Losing 109bb with JJ

losingest hand #9 - JJ

Action of the hand:

  • UTG limps and the MP bb poster just checks. The SB overlimps with AA (fishy!).
  • I iso-raise to 7bb with JJ over these fish. The limpers fold and the SB smooth-calls.
  • The flop hits 862 and I overbet 18 into the 16bb pot. I'm going for max value and I want it all in by the river!
  • He check-calls then the turn comes an 8. I think I'm still ahead and I overbet again. He calls and this should be a big warning sign.
  • The river comes a 6 and he bets all-in. Running the math, I only need to win 10% of the time (calling 27.8 to win a total pot of 225.) I was hoping he could have a weaker over pair or maybe the busted club draw as a desperate bluff,


Hand #10: Losing 100bb with AA

losingest hand #10 - AA

Action of the hand:

  • The CO opens and the BTN calls with KJs. The SB calls and I 3bet to 17bb with AA.
  • The CO folds and the BTN is the only caller.
  • On the flop, the pot is 40bb and it comes KQ2. I bet 3/4 pot and he just calls.
  • The turn comes a 6s putting 3 spades on the board, and I have the Ace of spades. I shove 55bb into the 97bb pot and he calls. I'm way ahead!
  • But, the river is another King, giving him rivered trips to beat my AA. For shame ????.


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