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The Easy Way to Become a 3bet Bluffer


Sky Matsuhashi

on September 26, 2022

Let me teach you the easy way to become a 3bet bluffer with this podcast episode and 5 videos on YouTube.

Listen to this episode as you follow along below:

Or, watch this episode on YouTube:


The 6 Aspects of the Perfect 3bet Bluff

  1. In Position – position is power!
  2. Hold an Ace, prefer suited and connected. This blocks them from holding the strongest AX hands.
  3. Small open-raise and large stack (80BB+). This gives you room to maneuver post-flop because the stack-to-pot ratio (SPR) is large.
  4. RFI by position > 20%. Make sure you look at this in a popup for the exact position they're opening from.
  5. Raise/Fold to 3bet > 50%. It helps if it's >50% in their position.
  6. Fold to Flop Cbet > 50%. Expect a call, so their tendency to fold on flops is a great help to you.



When to 3bet Bluff:

  • If all 6 in place… MANDATORY 3bet bluff.
  • If 5… *MANDATORY* 3bet bluff (esp. if #3 in place).
  • If 4-3… consider it.
  • If 2 or less… probably not. But I won't stop you. Go ahead and get frisky with a 3bet if you'd like.


Here's video #1 of 5 from the 3bet Bluffing Week on YouTube, AX hands:


“What size should I make it?”

You're bluffing; you want them to find a fold, so hit their “pain threshold”.

  • 9-12bb (minimum is 9)
  • “What size would I 3bet with AA, KK, QQ?”
  • Going too small, like 3x 2bb to 6bb or only 7 or 8 bb's is NOT enough to get most to fold.
  • Don't be tricky, keep things simple while you get comfortable 3betting. When comfy, experiment with sizes.


The easy way to Become a 3bet Bluffer

Start Smart… begin 3bet bluffing on the BTN.

  • EVERY chance to 3bet, count the # of aspects in place (even 92o, J4s) – this is TRAINING!!! So don't click “auto-fold” when you see an ugly hand.
  • Then 3bet, call or fold accordingly.
  • When comfortable, add 3bet bluffs in the CO. Then the MP, SB and BB.
  • Does the amount of money at risk hurt? Drop down in stakes to focus on 3bet bluffing when it's cheaper. 9bb at 25nl = $2.25 ; at 10nl = $.90. Then, move back up when comfy with 3betting to 9-12bb's.


Take Action!

Play with a 3bet bluffing focus with the following daily goals:

  • 1st Day: 5 BTN 3bet bluffs
  • 2nd Day: 5 BTN + 3 CO
  • 3rd Day: 5 BTN + 5 CO
  • 4th Day: 5 BTN, 5 CO, 1 SB (with 4 or 5 in place)


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