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Take On A Poker Challenge To Build Winning Habits


Sky Matsuhashi

on October 4, 2023

A poker challenge is exactly what you need to move the needle on your poker journey.

And on this page, you'll find loads of poker challenge ideas along with prebuilt challenges that will guide you to specific outcomes.


Why Take On A Poker Challenge?

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Listen to this podcast episode #458 as you follow along below:

1. We grow through challenging ourselves.

Challenges teach us new things, and our skills and abilities grow the more we challenge ourselves.

Imagine doing everything for your child, all the way through high school. You’ve just trained him to rely on you for everything and he won’t be ready to take on the world.

But, what if you taught him all you know? Like fixing a flat tire or replacing a sprinkler head or painting a room or cooking dinner, cleaning the toilet? He’ll be more prepared to take on the world and he won’t need you to handle his problems.

2. We get stronger through adversity.

Contact with viruses and germs builds our immune system. If you live in a bubble, you’re going to suffer more when you come into contact with these.

3. We develop confidence through completion.

“The more you do, the more you can do.”

4. We can achieve our goals.

A great challenge can help you achieve your goals in poker and in life. For example, your goal is to play 5,000 hands in October. 5,000 hands / 31 days = 162 hands/day. Challenge yourself to play 162 hands per day. If you do it, you will achieve your goal.


12 Poker Challenge Ideas

7-Day Study & Play Challenge

Prebuilt for you with strategy videos and action steps. Join with the form above!

You'll receive a daily email with a strategy video + action steps. Your job: Take notes then take action with a 10+ minute study step and a 40+ minute play step.

Learn to use various study & play techniques.

+1 Minute Challenge

Each day for 1 month, add 1+ minutes of study/play to increase your poker tolerance.

Earn Mucho $$$ Challenge

For winning players, calculate your $won/hr played. (ex. $8/hr)

How much do you want to make this month? (ex. $200)

Do the math and challenge yourself. $200/$8 = 25 hours.

Play 10K hands of Raise or Fold Only Preflop (or any strategy) in 1 month

You want to practice a specific strategy for 10K hands. Over 31 days, your challenge is to play 323 hands/day.

Daily Hand Reading Challenge

The best thing I ever did for my poker skills: 66 Days of Hand Reading on YouTube

Review hands to plug your poker leaks.

Study 2x More Than Play Challenge

Play 1 hour, study 2 hours for 7+ days.

Play SNG’s for 1 Month Challenge

Tired of playing cash? Sit N Goes are a great, fun alternative. Strive for 5 more wins each week over the last for a month.

Play PLO for a Week Challenge

Need a break from NLHE? Play PLO for 1 hour per day. Watch a PLO video each day, take notes, take action.

Re-Read Your Favorite Poker Book With Purpose Challenge

Read a chapter, create 5 action steps, practice over 5 play sessions, then repeat next chapter. If there are 10 chapters, this is a 50-Day Challenge.

Finally Complete That Friggin’ Course! Challenge

You paid for it… Friggin learn it already! Count the number of videos, 1 video every 2-3 days while taking action = ### days (calculate for yourself).

Use HUD Stats to Make Reads Challenge

Each play they do, make a read on their related statistic (they 3bet, look at their 3bet % by position and make a read on their 3bet range). Then, make you play.

Do this for 1 week or 10 sessions and use a tick sheet to count how many times you do it over the challenge.

Tag ‘Em By 20 Challenge

You want to play the player more often, so for 1 week, tag each player by type before you see 20 hands on ‘em


Looking For A Prebuilt Poker Challenge?




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