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Take Daily Action to Crush Poker in 2023


Sky Matsuhashi

on December 31, 2022

How are you going to crush poker in 2023? Take daily action with either studying or playing.

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I want to help you make 2023 the best year ever and crush it in poker! Whether you play LIVE or online, cash, MTT or SNG, these 3 steps are what you need to move the needle forward everyday this year.

Step 1: Crush the Year by NOT Breaking the Chain

I learned this great action-taking technique from Jerry Seinfeld. When he was a touring comic, he knew that the better his jokes were, the more successful he'd be.

So, he gave himself a task of writing jokes every single day. The idea being that the more he wrote, the better his jokes would become over time.

But he didn't just put the writing reps in. He tracked his progress with a wall calendar and a big red felt pen.

Everyday, after he did his requisite joke writing, he would put a huge red X on that day. Eventually he developed a chain of X's.

Now that the chain is there, the goal is to NOT break the chain.

So, you can use your own wall calendar or head to to create your own.

I've created some calendars to use for myself, and here they are for you:

So here's what you're going to do:

  • Each day in 2023 you're going to study or play with purpose (steps 2 and 3 covered below).
  • After your task is completed, put a huge red X on the calendar for that day.
  • Goal: DO NOT break the chain!


Step 2. Study Something for 20 minutes = X (I'm using red)

Take notes on things you want to take with you into the future as you consume a piece of content. At a minimum, you want to learn one important idea to take with you into the future and to practice as you play poker (step 3 below).

Study examples:

  • Watch a YouTube video.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Read 5 pages in a poker book.
  • Read an online article.
  • Review hands in your database.
  • Tracking stats and win rates (every 2-5K hands or every 2-4 weeks).
  • Do a hand reading exercise with a hand with a showdown.
  • Continue with the course you're taking (like the Poker Forge).
  • Discuss poker with a friend/group.


Need a poker journal?


Step 3: Play Poker with Purpose = X (I'm using blue)

It doesn't matter the form of poker you play. Just go play a session but the key thing is: It only counts if you practice something you recently learned.

It could be from your most recent study session, or something else entirely from your poker journal.

I don't care! The important thing is that you're practicing something you learned because “Action is the greatest teacher”.

Learning something in a book is good, but practicing that in-game over and over is best.

Train yourself to actively practice the things you learn and you'll crush 2023.


Sky Matsuhashi

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