The Power of Paying Attention to Showdowns

Showdowns are where you learn the most about each player. If you watched, and can remember, the action of the hand from preflop through to showdown, you can replay the hand in your mind and…

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Q&A: Poker Study Apathy, Playing JTo and Learning from Showdowns #206

In this episode, I answer 4 questions about poker study apathy, listening to old SPS episodes, playing JTo and learning from LIVE showdown hands. In episode 205, I discussed the 5 key concepts that every…

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Learning From Showdowns | ‘The Hand Reading Lab’ Part 1 | Podcast #64

I teach you why paying attention to showdowns is absolutely vital in gaining reads on your opponents and improving your hand reading skills.   Learning from Showdowns Podcast Mission (8:40) My mission for today is…

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