Personal Development

Leak 4: Ignoring Your Physical Health | Podcast #191

I discuss the leak of ignoring your physical health and what you can do to get on a healthy track. In episode 190, I answered 3 questions about improving your 3bet game, defending against 3bets…

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The Miracle Morning | Smart Poker Study Podcast #13

‘The Miracle Morning’ helped me to accomplish so much: I lost 30 pounds after employing the lessons learned, my poker game improved and my bankroll shot up from $200 to $1100 in just 5 weeks, I…

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The ONE Thing | Smart Poker Study Podcast #3

‘The ONE Thing’ is one of the best book I’ve ever read.  So good in fact that I read it twice in 2015, and I’m planning on reading it again before the WSOP this summer….

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