Continuation Betting Fundamentals

I’m going to cover the fundamental things you need to consider before making your next value or bluff continuation bet. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: Continuation Betting Fundamentals What is the…

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Make More Successful Bluff Cbets By Using Flop Textures

Do you pay attention to flop textures? You probably find it easy to cbet the flop for value. TPTK? Easy cbet. Flop a set? Easy cbet or raise. But, as you know, you frequently MISS…

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3 Favorite Exploits Using the Smart HUD – also for LIVE players!

I share my 3 favorite Smart HUD exploits by telling you exactly what to look for with 3 perfect example hands. And, I break it down so non-HUD and LIVE players will also be able…

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