Cash HUD

Finally Learn to Use a Poker HUD | #225

I discuss how to learn all the stats in your poker HUD and practice exploiting your opponents with it. In episode 223, I discussed using the check-raise for extra value and bluffing your opponent off…

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Q&A: Understanding HUD Statistics, Recognizing Tilt and Picking-up on LIVE Actions | Episode 185

I answer 3 questions about understanding HUD stats in the Smart HUD, recognizing tilt and picking-up on LIVE actions. In episode 184, I discussed Bread and Butter situations: the most profitable poker situation you can…

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Maximizing Your HUD Part 1: HUD Essentials | Podcast #54

This is the first episode in my Maximizing Your HUD series: HUD Essentials. In this one, you will learn best practices in how to gradually adopt a HUD (heads-up display) into your game and the…

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