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Smart Poker Study Audiobook Excerpts


Sky Matsuhashi

on March 4, 2021

I'm a huge fan of audiobook listening as it helps pass the time when doing the mundane: chores, commuting, jogging, etc. I even listened to all 47 hours and 47 minutes of Stephen King's The Stand!!!

And they're great for poker education, too. I use audiobooks to help reinforce the strategies and techniques I learn in my study sessions. Listening to a chapter or a section on repeat helps them to “sink in” and I'm more likely to take action.

Here are 4 audiobook excerpts for your listening and learning pleasure from 3 of my books. Listen and take action!

Do You Have What it Takes? The 4 Characteristics of Great Poker Minds

Audiobook Excerpt from How to Study Poker Volume 1, Chapter 2

Give yourself the best chance to succeed in poker by getting this book now!

Combo: PDF and Audiobook Versions – $17.99 ($5 savings)

Get the PDF Version – $8.99

Get the Audiobook Version – $13.95

HTSP V1 is also available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook formats:

Preflop Principles to Set You Up for Post-flop Success

Audiobook Excerpt from Preflop Online Poker, Domino 1.3 called “2bet Calling Ranges”:

Listen to this Audiobook Excerpt from Domino 3.1 called “3bet Essentials”:

Get this book today and rebuild your game from the ground up the smart way.

Combo: PDF and Audiobook Versions – $24.99 ($10 savings)

Get the PDF Version – $16.99

Get the Audiobook Version – $17.95

Available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and Audible:

Make Better Post-flop Calls with These 3 Profitable Reasons

Listen to this Excerpt from Post-flop Online Poker, Domino 8.1: “Calling, Probing and Floating”

Don’t wait. Get this book NOW and begin learning from your new poker coach.

Combo: PDF and Audiobook Versions – $44.98 ($8 savings)

Get the PDF Version – $29.99

Get the Audiobook Version – $22.99

Also on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and on Audible:

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David Luke, Thomas Prost, Rajesh Patel, Nathan Kressler, Mark Furniss, Jeremy Lynskey, Carlos Trevino, Manfred, Mick O’Brien, Michael Cain, Kyle Moellering and Blair Ames picked up PokerTracker 4 (get it here to support the show), the best poker tracking software.  I love it and use it everyday!  In appreciation, I sent these stand-up poker peeps a copy of my Smart HUD for PT4.  With an ever-growing database of hands to study and all the helpful features, PT4 is the go-to software for serious poker players.

I must thank Jan Pukmajster, William Young, Jamison Anderson, Daniel Palermo, Mark Fleming, AC, Bret Burns, Louis Barilovits, Chad Cheadle, BDD, Joseph Blazek, Evil Steve and George Hunt for getting Preflop Online Poker direct through me. Your support makes it possible for me to continue this show.

These super-learners picked up Post-flop Online Poker directly from me: Graeme Richardson, D. Woodward, Bret Burns, Frank Tanner, George Hunt and Tun Hung. Thank you so much!


Sky Matsuhashi

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