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Review Your Quarterly Statistics and Win Rates with this Tracker


Sky Matsuhashi

on February 1, 2023

Tracking your quarterly statistics and win rates leads to great insights into your developing skills and current leaks. Download the tracker below, whip out PokerTracker 4, then follow the 8 steps outlined here to analyze your numbers and find your areas of weakness.

Then of course… get to work on building the skills that will move the needle the most!

Start by downloading the Quarterly Stats & Win Rates Tracker:


Watch me discuss the 8 steps below and my own quarterly results:


Analyzing Quarterly Results in 8 Steps

1. Enter Your Monthly and Quarterly Stats and Win Rates

Filter in PokerTracker 4 for each of the last 3 months separately and for the full quarter. Enter your stats and win rates in columns C-F (see my own #'s below).

Need help finding your statistics and win rates in PokerTracker 4? I'll show you how…

2. Analyze Your Statistics

My recent quarterly statistical results

Are you satisfied with your volume? Your winnings? Your total win rate?

Does any statistic stand out as an obvious area to work on? Look for month-to-month trends and changes. Why? What's happening?

  • I'm a bit too honest when 3betting. Want to get this up to ~8%.
  • I'd like to double-barrel cbet more often. I bet I can find some good turn bluffing opportunities that I'm passing up on.
  • I think I'm calling too often in the SB.


Imagine your stats were an opponent's stats. Any glaring weaknesses or tendencies you could easily exploit?

  • In November I was raising first in 27% of the time, but folding versus 3bets at 74%. This made it very easy for knowledgeable opponents to 3bet bluff me.


Take note of the areas you need to work on to be less exploitable.


3. Analyze Your Win Rates

Eeek! Lots of red in my quarterly win rates.

Where are your leaks? (ugly negative/red win rates)

Key: Look for persistent leaks month after month.

  • I don't like the losses when calling 2bets on the BTN and SB. And of course, I hate the total losses when calling month after month.


Reference the Statistics related to persistent leaks. What are you doing wrong?

  • I'm losing when calling 2bets, especially the BTN and SB. Looking at Call PF 2bet stats in those positions, I think I'm calling too often. I should call less, and maybe add some 3bet bluffs.


Take note of the areas you need to work to plug your leaks.


4. Review Hands from Troubling Areas

Start with big losing hands and study/review 20-30 hands to find your mistakes.

Take note of your mistakes in your poker journal so you can begin working to NOT repeat them in the future.

See a hand history review in action:


5. Create a List of Areas to Work On


  • I'm losing so much when calling preflop! Improve my preflop calls.
  • I'm super turn honest when cbetting turn! Learn to double-barrel more.
  • Why am I losing so much when calling rivers!!! Learn river calling strategies.
  • Why's my SB calling win rate -249bb/100 hands?! ???? Learn to play well in the SB.
  • I hardly ever 3bet! Learn how/when to 3bet bluff.


6. Rank Your List By Importance

Put them in order of importance, with the most frequent situations (preflop) at the top:

  1. Improve my preflop calls.
  2. Learn to play well in the SB.
  3. Learn how/when to 3bet bluff.
  4. Learn to double-barrel more.
  5. Learn river calling strategies.


7. Get To Work!

Hit one item at a time, working down your list starting with #1.

Study and play with purpose to build necessary skills that will improve your results.


8. Repeat Next Month

Copy the tab in the Quarterly Tracker and give it a new name.

Repeat step 1 and enter in numbers for the most recent month and quarter in columns E and F.

Critical Thinking: Did you make progress in your areas of focus last month? Presumably, you did steps 5, 6 and 7. So, did your work pay off with improved results?

Repeat steps 2-7 for this new month.


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