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Reg-infested Tables, Poker Podcasts & PLO | Q&A | #31


Sky Matsuhashi

on February 12, 2016

I answer three questions in this Q&A podcast about reg-infested tables, learning PLO on YouTube and other poker podcasts I'd recommend.

Download and listen to this episode as you follow along below.


Reg-infested Tables, Poker Podcasts & PLO | Q&A | #31

The first question is from LTUMaximus:

Hi Sky 🙂

I'm playing on 888 Poker at the moment and there are so many East European Regs, would you recommend to skip that session when so many regs and just study or play but play a tighter game. Sometimes when i see there are so many regs I play on Carbon at the same time, mixing up both – getting 2-3 weaker tables from 888 Poker and 2-3 tables from Carbon.

I'm always looking for tables where I could have an edge on the players 🙂 that's Nick’s suggestion 🙂

Best Regards,


Answer: Table select well and have multiple poker clients open at once if necessary.  Also, if there's only regs there, do an hour or two of studying instead.

Plus, you can find Nick Wealthall at Transform My Poker.


Next question from Ben:

Really enjoy your podcasts and just recommended it to a good friend of mine.

Are there any podcasts you'd recommend to a cash player? I have the Thinking Poker podcast, the Post Flop Poker podcast and the Red Chip podcast already.

Thank you


Answer: I recommend the Carrot Podcast, Thinking Poker, Red Chip Poker Podcast and Post Flop Poker Podcast.


Final question from LTUMaximus:

Hi Sky,

just quick question, do you know any good YouTube channel about Omaha? I'm asking because my brother just started playing omaha now and I want to really suggest to him to study a little bit because he just started and thinks he is good 🙂 but never like that 🙂


Best Regards,


Answer: Visit the PLOQuickPro channel on YouTube.

Podcast Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you for this episode: Practice your table selection.  Find tables that have at least 2 juicy spots at it.  If you’re surrounded by regs, get off of that table as all you’re doing is treading water and paying the rake.  Open up multiple poker clients if necessary, or just spend some extra time studying.


Sky Matsuhashi

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