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Introduction Images




PokerTracker 4:

Smart HUD:

Action Steps PDF: click here to download

Sub-Domino 1.1: Position & Player Types Images

Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker

6 Player Types PDF

Sub-Domino 1.2: Open Raising Ranges

Open Raising Ranges PDF

Sub-Domino 1.3: 2bet Calling Ranges

3bet Calling Ranges PDF

Sub-Domino 1.4: 3bet Ranges

3bet Ranges PDF

Sub-Domino 1.5: 3bet Defense Ranges

KISS Cash Game Ranges PDF

Game Tape Podcast Episode #136

Sub-Domino 2.1: Stealing Fundamentals

Steal Focus Session Video

Sub-Domino 2.2: Utilizing a Steal HUD Popup

Building a Steal Popup in PokerTracker 4

Smart HUD

Sub-Domino 2.3: Steal Positional Analysis & Adjusting Ranges


Sub-Domino 2.4: Blind Stealing Consequences


Sub-Domino 3.1: 3bet Essentials


Sub-Domino 3.2: Value 3bets


Sub-Domino 3.3: Making Better Bluff 3bets


Sub-Domino 3.4: 3bet Defense


Sub-Domino 4.1: Defending the Blinds


Sub-Domino 4.2: Post-flop Blind Defense


Sub-Domino 4.3: Blind Versus Blind Situations