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4 Posts from the Facebook Poker Group | Q&A | Podcast #89


Sky Matsuhashi

on August 24, 2016

I discuss 4 posts from the SPS Facebook Poker Group about LIVE cash games, MTT's, Ace-King, pocket 7's and the dreaded pocket J's.

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4 Posts from the SPS Facebook Poker Group

Click the links below to be taken directly to the post to add your input to the discussion.  If you're not a member yet, hit the “Join” button or go to to sign-up.

Click here for post #1 from Mark (2:00):

Would like you guys thoughts on a question posed online today I answered and I been getting about 50% agreement and other half think I need to see a shrink. Guy says he has had a bad run in 1/2 live game. He has only 55$ left. adding any more to his stack is not an option. It folds to a very loose lady player who has turned over any 2 suited or any 2 the Broadway cards all night and will take them to the river. She raises to 15 and he has 77. There are 4 people left to act. What do you do?

Click here for post #2 from John (7:00):

Had a deep run in the 25k on acr today. Took 45th, but I'm kind of curious what you guys think of the hand that knocked me out. I'm fairly positive that it was standard, but would like to hear some opinions.

Blinds are 8k/16k 800 ante. I have 340K start of hand. Hijack opens for 35k, I have him being a pretty solid opponent, wasn't getting out of line. I pick up AK spades on the button. I elect to 3 bet to 105k, he insta shoves all in, he has me covered. Do you call off there? If so why? If not why?

Click here for post #3 from John (10:20):

Question for the group…You're playing an online MTT, 63 places get paid out of a field of 350ish.
65 people left, average stack is 20k, you have 18k and blinds ate 400/800 100 ante. Utg limps, utg+1 raises to 2400, he has 45k start of hand. You pick up JJ in the small blind. What's your play? Lemme also add that I just got moved to this table so I have no info on these players.

Click here for post #4 from Sky (15:00):

Hey John, check out this hand. Very similar to yours, but I'm in the BB. I 3bet and TAG villain folded. Good result for JJ OOP I think. You can see their stats and I'd been at the table a while. It wasn't as close to the bubble as yours was, though, and I had a bit more chips (BB wise).

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