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Poker Excerpt from How to Study Poker Volume 2 | Podcast #159


Sky Matsuhashi

on October 4, 2017

I share with you a poker excerpt from the ‘How to Study Poker Volume 2’ Audiobook. I talk hand reading, article studies and database reviews.

Poker Excerpt from ‘How to Study Poker Volume 2' (3:45)

This is a poker excerpt from Day 2 of my latest book.

I kick off this day of study with some villain hand reading practice.

I then get into lessons learned from a poker article called ‘Poker HUD Stat – Call Open /CCPF'.

Next up, I dive into my database with a filter to review pre-flop 2bet hands that saw the flop.  Here's the filter I use for that:

pre-flop 3bet and saw flop

I end the day with discussing my warm-up and cool down for the session I played later in the day.

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Sky Matsuhashi

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