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“One More To Grow On” for Poker Skill Improvement


Sky Matsuhashi

on February 28, 2024

I take a childhood concept, “One more to grow on” and apply it to my poker play, study and entertainment in order to improve my skills.

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One More to Grow On – Childhood

There's a concept that I've known about almost my entire life, and that is, “One more to grow on”.

It started off with birthday parties. At your 9th birthday party, somebody would give you nine punches in the arm and then boom, #10 and they’d shout, “And one more to grow on!”

And then later on when you start playing sports, Coach would say, “Okay, let’s do 5 laps.” Then just before you finish, he’d say, “I know you guys got more gas in the tank, do one more!”


In My Fitness

I apply “one more to grow on” to my fitness. When I’m swimming laps, maybe my goal is 25. But I never stop there. I'll do a 26th for “one more to grow one.”

The thing about this is that we always know we can do more. I remember hearing about Ronnie Coleman's biggest regret:

We always know when we’ve got more in the tank, and the “one more to grow on” concept helps use that last bit of gas and push hard for more growth.

Currently, I’m ⅓ of the way through a year of doing 100 squats per day. Early in month 1 I started using “one more to grow on”. It began with ending at 101 reps, not just 100. But then I realized that my 100 reps was often broken up into sets. For example, 5 sets of 20 jump squats with the fifth being 21 reps. But then I decided, let’s do this for each set. Now it’s 5 sets of 21 reps, totalling out to 105 reps.

I really love this approach to fitness growth, so now I'm applying it to poker. 


How to Apply “One More To Grow On” to Poker

For most of us, there are three ways that we spend our poker time:

  1. Poker Play – This is the majority of our time spent in poker, playing the game in whatever format you prefer.
  2. Poker Study – This is the time when we crack open the books and purposefully work to build our skills.
  3. Poker Entertainment – This is movies and livestreams and even fun podcast/video poker items. Think WPT or a just chatting stream. 


Well, I know we can apply the “one more to grow on” concept to each of our poker outlets. Let me give you some ideas.

Poker Play

  • 1 more play session per week.
  • 1 more hour played each week.
  • 100 or maybe even 1,000 more hands played this week.
  • 1 more round at the table before you get up and leave.
  • 1 more successful 3bet bluff before you end the session.
  • 1 more successful check-raise bluff.
  • 1 more successful “bet when he checks” bluff.
  • 1 more exploitative play attempted, whether successful or not.


Poker Study

  • 1 more hand reviewed to help you plug that leak even quicker.
  • 1 more daily hand reading exercise. Even if you don't have much time, you can fit a one-street-action hand to just quickly assign a range and narrow it on that one street.
  • 1 more study session per week.
  • 1 more hour studied per week than you usually do.
  • 1 more video watched, studied and notes taken on a day when you normally don't watch a video.
  • 1 more hand posted or commented on in a poker forum.
  • 1 more page read and notes taken in a poker book.
  • Condense your 4 pages of notes on one chapter into a 1-page notes for quick reference.
  • 1 more action step created from that thing you just studied.


Poker Entertainment

  • Replace 1 piece of poker entertainment this week with a poker training piece. So, instead of watching an old WPT episode, study a poker training video from your favorite coach.
  • Pay attention and learn 1 thing from every piece of poker entertainment you watch. There’s always something to learn.
  • Instead of watching Rounders for the hundredth time, watch a great training video that you learned a lot from 1 more time. Try to pick up some additional insights from it and create an action step to practice them.


Action Step

Don't let that extra gas in your tank just sit there! Use “one more to grow on” to propel your journey and start using the ideas above today.


Sky Matsuhashi

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