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My New Poker HUD Part 4 – Player Stats 3


Sky Matsuhashi

on May 9, 2015

This is part 4 in a multi-part series about my newly developed poker HUD.  It's adapted from Assassinato's and Apestyles' HUD's that they've recently discussed in some videos.

In this post I'll discuss the bottom line of my player HUD.  Part 1 discussed my Hero and Table HUD's, and part 2 and part 3 discussed the first 5 lines of my Player HUD:

#16 New HUD Player

LINE 1:  Notes / Stack size in BB's / (hands) / VPIP / PFR
LINE 2:  RFI (CO) / RFI (BTN) / Fold SB to LP Steal / Fold BB to LP Steal / RFI (SB) / Fold BB to SB Steal 
LINES 3 & 4:  gap to view name/chips and conserve space 
LINE 5:  Total RFI / Fold to 3bet — Cbet F / Cbet T — WTSD / W$SD
LINE 6:  Call PF open / 3bet — Fold to F Cbet / Fold to T Cbet — name

Call Pre-flop Open (denoted by Vs above, 38) – This helps to determine how wide a range the pre-flop caller has.  You can usually subtract premiums from this range like AK and QQ+ (but of course a tricky player could call w/premium hands especially if a serial squeezer or a LAG short stack is yet to act).

The player here has a call open of 38%, which equates to any pp, Kx+, Q5s+, Q9o+, J8s+, TJo and T9s.

What you do with this info could differ depending on whether he called your open or if you're yet to act and you now have a squeeze opportunity.  If he called you, you want to see what his flop stats like Raise Cbet, Flop C/R and Fold to Cbet are, and make a plan for what you'll do on the flop depending on the strength of your flopped hand.  If you're yet to act, look at his fold to 3bet or even his Call Squeeze % (if you've got that in a pop-up).  Whatever you do pre-flop, have a plan for post flop as well.

3bet (7 above) – With the aggression so heavy in games these days, the 3bet stat is key on any HUD.  You want to know how often your opponents 3bet, as the % can tell you if they 3bet light or only for value.  The % here for the most part correlates to the range they 3bet with, as this opponent's 3bet of 7% is probably just value hands of TT+ and AQ+.  You'll encounter opponents with a 2% 3bet (KK+) and you'll encounter regs who 3bet for value their premium hands and also toss in some suited connectors and less than premium hands.  A 3bet of 15% has a lot of value (TT+ AQ+), thin value (88+ AT+), semi-bluffs that could flop strong (Axs, 98s, 86s) and just plain bluffs if they read their opponents will often fold.

The regs and other competent players you're up against value 3bet stealing just as you do, so you want to pay attention to who is capable of doing this light.

Combo Stat #9 – Call 2bet and 3bet

Putting these two together (I put them next to each other with the same color background) gives you a real sense of how passive or aggressive the player is.  The bloke above is way more passive than aggressive, preferring to call opens rather than raise.  Combining his 38% and 7% gives 45%, that means that almost half the time somebody raises he's playing his hand; he's super weak/passive.  So, if he's at the table with you, consider it a done deal that you'll be seeing flops against him, so you need to keep in mind his flop stats and look for weaknesses there.

You'll also encounter opponents whose Call 2bet and 3bet %'s add up to only 20% (perhaps 15% and 5% respectively).  This means he's only getting to the flop with you 1 out of 5 times with a much stronger range than the other guy. Again, you want to be aware of his flop weaknesses as well.


Fold to Flop Cbet (25 above) – Besides Flop Cbet, fold to Flop Cbet is a super important flop stat on your HUD.  Hands hit the flop only 30% of the time, so if he's got a Fold to Flop Cbet of 70%+, then you've got a flop honest player and you need to cbet with all of your air.  Should he call, you can easily give up knowing he's got a piece of it.  If his stat is lower, like 35% then you need to cbet all of your value hands and give careful thought to the board texture before you decide to cbet bluff.  When opponents have a middle of the range % like 50-60% over a good sample, they're pretty hard to dissect.  They like to continue with all strong hands of course, but also with draws and over cards and just plain air (they might also look at your stats, and if you're a one-and-done player they'll call with a plan to take it away on the turn).

Fold to Turn Cbet (- above) – This stat works the same as the Fold to Flop Cbet discussed above, but takes on the most relevance when looked at in combination with it.  This does help us when deciding to take advantage of light flop cbet callers and getting more value from those ‘unbelieving' opponents who call multiple streets with mediocre hands.

Combo Stat #10 – Fold to Flop and Turn Cbet

This combo will simplify your flop play.  If his Fold to Flop Cbet is 30% and his Fold to Turn Cbet is 80%, then you know you can double-barrel bluff him off many hands.  But, if you're going for value you can bet big on the flop and smaller on the turn to encourage him to call again.  If the opposite stats are true, like 70% Fold to Flop Cbet and 30% Fold to Turn Cbet, then you know he only gets to the turn with the goods, so double-barrel bluffs would be a bad idea, but you can bet bigger on the turn for value as he's likely got a hand he can call with.

It's important to always look at these stats pre-flop before you decide to raise over a limp or 3bet an open.  Make a plan pre for what you'll do post.

Player Name – Sometimes in MTT's a player will get knocked out and another will take his place.  If you're multi-tabling and can't see all the action, having the player's name on your HUD will quickly help you double-check that you're looking at the correct stats.

That was a pretty exhaustive look at my Player HUD.  All of the stats mentioned in these 3 posts I really recommend you keep on your HUD.  There are lots of extras, but HUD space is very valuable so you want to put only the most useful stats on it.  Save the one-off or very situational stats for your pop-ups.

My next post will go over the first of a few pop-ups, my Assassinato Pop-up.

I've mentioned a lot of Combo Stats in these past few posts.  What did I leave off that you always look for?  Please leave your thoughts on Combo Stats in the comments below.

Make your next session the best one yet!


Sky Matsuhashi

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