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More Reasons to Target Fish – Podcast + Video #492


Sky Matsuhashi

on June 5, 2024

You want even more reasons to target the fish? I got 4 reasons for you through 3 example hands. Plus, we encounter 9 common fishy mistakes that you MUST AVOID along with 8 lessons learned.

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Listen to the podcast #492 as you follow along below:


Fish Make Too Many Mistakes & GIVE TOO MUCH VALUE

TT vs Fish 76o

Villain 27 folds on the river after giving 25bb's of unnecessary value to me.

The Action:

The fish limps UTG w/76o. I iso-raise with TT on the BTN and he’s the only caller.
I flop top set on the T95r flop, and he flops a gut shot draw. He overpays for it versus my flop and turn bets at 50% and 67% respectively, then finally folds on the river when he doesn't complete his draw. This UTG 76o limp/calling hand cost him 25bb’s. He should have never been involved in the first place.

Mistakes the Fish Made:

1. Limping then calling preflop with 76o from OOP.

2. Overpaying for a weak draw on the flop and turn.

3. Seemingly, calling without a plan to steal???

Lessons Learned:

1. If you're gonna play, open-raise instead of open-limp.

2. Don't overpay for weak draws, especially from OOP.

3. Don’t call just in hopes of hitting your hand. Have a plan to steal.


Fish Fail to Get Value with Their Best Hands

The Action:

The fish calls in the MP with QTs. He hits the nut straight on the flop of J98r. He checks behind on the flop. The turn is the 2d, putting two diamonds on the board and possibly giving his opponent a flush draw. He checks behind again. The river comes an off-suit 7, making the final board J9827r. His opponent checks and he finally comes out firing full pot. His opponent calls with 77 after rivering a set. The fish wins with his flopped nut straight, but gets little value.

Mistakes the Fish Made:

4. Checking back on the flop after hitting the nuts.

5. Checking back AGAIN on the turn when the board gets wetter.

6. Makes a full pot-sized river bet, limiting the hands that can give him value.

Lessons Learned:

4. Get value while the getting's good! Suited-gappers flop straights ~1%. You MUST bet to earn $$$ in the micro stakes.

5. When the board gets wetter, and you know they can call with draws, charge them properly!

6. Large bets earn folds, but minimize value. Bet on the flop and turn to build the pot and earn more with your river bets.


Fish Fail to Properly Charge Draws + Let Players in Cheaply to Crack-em!

Could you imagine over-limping with KK, betting flop, turn and river and only winning 5bb's?

The Action:

Our fish over-limps with KK and the BB checks. 3-way to the flop of 6d6h5h. They checked to the fish who only bets 1bb, and they both call. The turn comes the Jd, putting two flush draws on the board. They both checked to the fish once again who only bets 1bb into the 6bb pot, and only 1 calls. The river is the 2h, completing the heart flush draw and a low straight draw on the board of 656J2. The remaining player checks to the fish who bets full pot, 8.4bb’s, and the player folds. With KK and two other players seeing the flop, this fish only won 5bb's.

Mistakes the Fish Made:

7. Limping behind with the 2nd strongest preflop hand!!!

8. Tiny flop and turn bets, minimizing value and giving a great drawing price.

9. Made a large river bet getting only ~nuts to call, and all weaker hands to fold.

Lessons Learned:

7. Make the most out of AA and KK (~1% of the time) so RAISE!

8. Consider hands that can give value on the river, and size appropriately.


Take Action

If you watched the video above, please👍the video, subscribe for more, comment by telling me why you target the fish.

Write the 9 mistakes seen here in your poker journal (or sticky notes) and commit to NOT MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES!

Write the 8 lessons learned as well and look for opportunities to put them to use!


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Sky Matsuhashi

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