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Month of Post-Flop | February 2019


Sky Matsuhashi

on March 27, 2019

I dubbed February 2019 as the Month of Post-flop.  Most of the content I created in February was dedicated to a piece of post-flop strategy.

The Month of Post-flop

Podcast Episodes

#221: Q&A Post-flop Hand Reading, Facing Cbets & Desperation Tilt

I answer your questions with actions you MUST take right now to improve you post-flop play and your reactions to losing big money.

#222: Making More Double-barrel Bluff Cbets

I discuss why (and how) we should double-barrel cbet more frequently on the turn.

#223: Adding the Check-raise to Your Post-flop Arsenal

I discuss why check-raising gives you extra value and is effective at bluffing your opponent off their hand.

MED Monday #50: Stop betting for Protection

MED Monday #52: Holding an Overpair on a Coordinated Flop

Walking Wednesday #50: Ask & Answer “What is Villain betting?” before calling post-flop

Walking Wednesday #52: Learn What They Donk Bet With

Monthly Webinar

Profitable Bluff Cbets & Double-barrels Webinar

  • Learn how to make your preflop calling opponents fold their hands by choosing great cbet and double-barrel bluffing spots coupled with good bet sizing.
  • Get 10% off

YouTube Videos

Are you cbetting too often? | 5-minute poker coaching

Leak: Failing to double-barrel enough | 5-min poker coaching

Leak: Inefficient turn cbet sizing | 5-min poker coach

Bet when checked to twice | 5-minute Poker Coach

Poker coaching: Turn honesty & increased 3bets | Part 2/5

Poker Hand Reading to Improve Post-flop Play | Part 5/5

Check-out next month's theme: The Month of HUD.


Sky Matsuhashi

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