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Maximizing Your HUD Part 3: Using Popups | Podcast #58


Sky Matsuhashi

on April 26, 2016

This is the third episode in my Maximizing Your HUD series: Using Popups. Utilizing the HUD is great, but it’s the popups that really allow you to get in there and rip your opponent’s game to shreds.

The default popups that come with PT4 can be too complicated with stats all over the place and organized in a very non-user friendly way.  I’ll teach you the most important considerations for the stats within your popups, so that you can avoid overwhelm and actually put them to use.

Download and listen to this episode as you follow along below.

Popups Reveal More Detailed Statistics (3:30)

All the stats in your HUD are “total stats,” meaning they count all instances of the statistic.  Using popups that highlight stats under different conditions allows us to answer questions like the following:

  • How often does he open from MP?
  • Does he fold more often versus Cbets when OOP?
  • How often does he float the flop, the turn or the river?
  • How often does he cbet in 3bet pots?


Being positionally aware is important in poker, and playing IP allows for better decisions to be made, which is going to likely lead to more profits.  Also, knowing how your opponent’s play differs by relative position will help you make better decisions and more profits.

Here are the stats you want in your popups based on relative position:

  • Cbet & Fold to Cbet & Raise vs Cbet
  • Check Raise & Fold to Check-raise
  • Float Bet & Fold to Float
  • Donk Bet & Fold to Donk Bet

By Specific Position

Seeing some stats by specific position allows you to see how opponents view each position.

Here are some great stats to have by specific position in your popups:

  • VPIP
  • RFI
  • Call 2bet
  • 3bet & Fold to 3bet & 4bet
  • Squeeze
  • Attempt to Steal & Fold vs Steal & Fold vs Resteal
  • Limp/call & Limp/fold & Limp/raise

By Street

Seeing stats by street allows you to know which street your opponent gets honest on.

Here are some great stats to have by street in your popups:

  • Cbet & Fold to Cbet & Raise vs Cbet
  • Check Raise & Fold to Check-raise
  • Float Bet & Fold to Float
  • Donk Bet & Fold to Donk Bet
  • Aggression Frequency

2bet or 3bet Pots

It’s good to see some very common stats broken down by 2bet and 3bet or more pots.  Some players really fight for 3bet pots and others treat them like any normal 2bet pot.

Here are some great stats to have 3bet pot versions of in your popups:

  • Cbet & Fold to Cbet & Raise Cbet
  • Fold Cbet to a Raise
  • Fold to Float, Fold to Donk and Fold to Probe

My Popups (12:15)

RFI & Fold to 3bet popups

RFI & Fold to 3bet Popup

3bet popups

3bet Popup


Steal Popups

Steal Popup


Cbet popups

Cbet Popup


Fold to Cbet Popups

Fold to Cbet Popup

Podcast Challenge (17:20)

Here’s my challenge to you for this episode:  Commit to utilizing one of your popups for each session this week.  If it’s the default “Tools” popup in PT4, or your own Cbet popup, or my Steal Popup if you purchase my SMART HUD, whatever, your goal this week will be to use it for every relevant decision made at the tables.  Write out on a piece of paper each element of the HUD to help train yourself in its contents and their placements.  Color code backgrounds or fonts to help you spot important stats for quick reference.  Don’t consider your task complete until you’ve mastered this one popup, even if it takes you 10 sessions to do so.  Once mastered, move on to the next.

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Sky Matsuhashi

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