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You Are the Master of Your Actions: Stop Knowing, Start Doing


Sky Matsuhashi

on June 19, 2021

Are you the master of your actions? Do you have control over what you choose to do and NOT do?

In this podcast episode, I help you get beyond your inaction and to start doing the things that will move the needle in poker and in life.

I really dislike the phrase “I know”. I hear from my kids all the time:

  • “Boys, brush your teeth!” “We know…” and they continue playing their games
  • “Mason, it’s time to put the dishes away.” “I know…” and he doesn’t get to it for another 15 minutes.
  • “Dalen, go pickup the dog poop so we can mow the back yard.” “I know…” and he continues piddling around NOT picking up the poop.

My students say things like:

  • “I know not to limp, but I don't want to raise and I can’t fold this.”
  • “I know to do hand reading every day, but, you know… schedules.”

Here’s the message for today’s podcast:

Stop knowing, start doing.

You already know you’re better off doing all these things:

No more knowing and no more shoulding. “I know I should THAT THING I MUST DO, but REASON FOR FAILING TO DO THAT THING I MUST DO.”

When you hear yourself say something like that, you’re knowing and shoulding all over the place. No more knowing, no more shoulding… all doing.

So the next time you catch yourself saying, “I know I should, but…” STOP!!! And do that thing right now.

You’re the master of your actions. Start doing the things that will move the needle in poker and in your life.


Sky Matsuhashi

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