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Learn How to Exploit with ANY HUD Statistic in 4 Steps


Sky Matsuhashi

on March 27, 2024

Here's the 4-step process for learning how to exploit with any poker HUD statistic. Play the player better and earn more pots and money by using HUD statistics to make great reads and perfect exploitative plays.

Watch the 4 steps demonstrated in this podcast video on YouTube:


Listen to the podcast #483:


Step 1. Learn the Statistic's Definition & Formula, Placement in Your HUD

For this demonstration, let's imagine you want to learn to exploit with Call Preflop 2bet and Fold to Cbet.

  • Use PokerTracker 4 to learn the statistic's definition and formula. In PT4: click the Configure menu then the Statistics option to open the window. Find the statistic you're interested in learning.
  • Write the definition and formula in Poker Journal (get a free journal with the form below!)
  • Find the statistic in your HUD and in your popups by position and street.


2. What does the statistic mean in real life?

Every statistic tells you a player's tendencies because they're just a player's actions displayed mathematically. Think about the stat by answering these questions:

  • What's your own %? If Call PF 2bet is 10%, what's that say about your calling tendencies? Your cbet is 55%, what's that tell you about yourself?
  • What are your positional percentages? It's 5% on the BTN and 15% in the BB. What's that tell you about yourself?
  • What does an extreme statistic at 0% or 100% mean? Understanding the extremes helps you exploit them better.


3. Visualize Ranges with Flopzilla Pro

Use Flopzilla Pro to visualize the range associated with any statistical percentage.

For preflop statistics, build the range with their positional % in mind. Try to get in your opponent's head and use their logic to build the range. Be sure to leave out non-play hands (like removing 3betting hands from the range because they called).

A big blind Call PF 2bet statistic at 57% could look like this:

Left out obvious AA and KK 3betting hands. Built it to 62% because I think this is the range a fishy player could call with who shown a tendencies of calling in the BB 57% of the time so far.

For post-flop statistics, build their preflop range first, then use the hand strength filters to see what hands fit a player's post-flop statistical tendencies. With the above range in mind, this player continues vs cbets with these hand strengths:

Mid-pair + and OESD+.

4. Play & Study with a Focus on the Statistic

Purposeful Play: at every opportunity (whether involved in a hand or not), make a read on their statistic and range. If involved, make plays that exploit your read.

Purposeful Study: review hands related to the statistic. For Call PF 2bet, find hands where you open-raised and got 1+ callers. For Fold to Cbet, find hands where you made a cbet. Make reads and gauge if the plays you made were well or poorly placed. Take notes in your poker journal on your mistakes so you can work to NOT repeat them.


Take Action

Choose 1 statistic and do steps 1-4 (take notes in your free journal!)

Repeat until the statistic is mastered! Then of course, proceed to the next statistic!


Sky Matsuhashi

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