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Jan Philippi Interview | Psychologist and Poker Mindfulness Teacher


Sky Matsuhashi

on September 30, 2021

I had the great opportunity to interview Jan Philippi. He's an ex-poker pro, psychologist, mindfulness teacher, positive psychology trainer and psychotherapist in training.

He's a great coach and has a wealth of positive mindfulness tips he gives us in this episode.

Listen to our interview:


Or watch Jan and I on YouTube:

Jan and I discuss:

  • The mental and health challenges he went through as a 10-year pro poker player and how he changed things for the better.
  • How important and useful it is to work with others to improve your games and skills together instead of tackling it alone. This is something that introverts like me (and Jan) have to force ourselves to do.
  • Girding up your loins for aggression is tough for those with a habit of passivity. Jan gives some great insights into why you're so passive and how you can become a more aggressive player.
  • How Jan was able to change his mindset from a fixed to a growth mindset and how that helped him excel in poker.
  • You can't fully get rid of results orientation, but there are ways to minimize your focus on it.
  • “Self efficacy” is the belief that you have control over your life and Jan discusses it's relationship to poker and to self worth.
  • How important sleep and exercise is to leading a healthy life but also how they benefit poker players.
  • Turning yourself into a professional player. Jan has great insights into this.

Learn more and get in touch with Jan Philippi:


Sky Matsuhashi

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