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Improve Tournament Poker Results with this FREE Tracker


Sky Matsuhashi

on February 23, 2022

I'll help you improve your poker tournament results with a free tracker to measure results, statistics and win rates to find areas of opportunity.


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You Can Only Improve What You Measure

I love playing online with PokerTracker 4 because it gives me a database of hands with results, statistics and win rates to help me dissect my game (and the games of my students).

For example, it knows that you 3bet 4.2% of the time… because that’s exactly what you’ve done. It knows you cbet the flop 40% of the time and 66% of the time on the turn.

PT4 can also show you that you’re making money when cbetting the flop with a +232bb/100 hands win rate. But you’re losing when calling turn cbets at -1,253bb/100 hands.

One of my restaurant managers taught me an important concept years ago:

“You can only improve what you measure.”

An important part of any profitable poker journey is regularly recording your statistics and win rates in various situations. This information gives critical insights into your tendencies, how your studies are affecting your play and where your areas of opportunity may lie.

I recommend measuring your numbers with at least 1,000 hands played, preferably 5,000+. Beyond this, re-measure your numbers every 5K hands or at least every month.

Once you get used to the tournament tracker and finding your numbers in PokerTracker 4, it’ll only take 5 minutes.

I’m also getting you started with just a few stats and win rates to track (22 total). It doesn’t help to overwhelm new online players with TONS of data. I’m going to help you avoid “paralysis by analysis” and just have you track the most important and potentially helpful numbers.

The Updated Tournament Tracker

Important Results to Track:

  • My C Buy-in
  • My C Net Won
  • # Tournaments
  • ITM %
  • ROI %
  • # Cashes
  • 1st Place/% (good for SNG players to track finish placement)
  • 2nd Place/%
  • 3rd Place/%

Important Statistics to Track:

  • # Hands
  • BB/100
  • VPIP
  • PFR
  • RFI
  • Limp
  • 2bet/Call 3bet
  • Call PF 2bet Total and by position (BTN-SB)
  • 3bet
  • Attempt to Steal
  • Fold to Steal
  • BB 3bet Re-steal
  • SB 3bet Re-steal
  • Cbet Flop/Turn/River
  • Bet River
  • Fold to Flop/Turn/River Cbet
  • Fold to R Bet
  • W$SD
  • WTSD
  • WWSF
  • WSD after R Call

Important Win Rates to Track:

  • By position as a total (BTN-SB)
  • Saw Flop IP: # of hands and win rate
  • Saw Flop NOT IP: # of hands and win rate
  • 2bet Pre-flop
  • 2bet/Call 3bet PF
  • 2bet/4bet PF
  • 3bet Pre-flop
  • Call 2bet Pre-flop and by position (BTN-SB)
  • Preflop Limp
  • Steal Attempt
  • Cbet Flop/Turn/River
  • Call Flop/Turn/River Cbet
  • River Call
  • Donk Bet Flop/Turn
  • Raised All-in PF
  • Raised All-in Flop/Turn/River
  • Called All-in PF
  • Called All-in Flop/Turn/River

Now what?

After measuring all your numbers, take some time to review them.

What stats are too low or too high? (making for easy exploits against you)

Where are your win rates negative? (the worse your win rate it, the more likely it's a great area of opportunity for you to focus on)

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Sky Matsuhashi

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