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I Am Your Poker Coach


Sky Matsuhashi

on February 16, 2021

With every piece of content I create, I treat it like it's a 1-on-1 session between me (your coach) and you (my student). I recommend you ould do the same.

Listen to this podcast episode:

A very simple message with this post.

If you treat each podcast, video (I have a YouTube channel with hundreds of free videos), article or book chapter from me as if I'm speaking to you 1-on-1, you'll get more out of every piece of content you consume.

I'm your poker coach so it's imperative that you:

  • Taking notes on the strategies I give you
  • Purposefully taking action with the action steps

This will turn you into the player you want to be.

With a mindset shift from “passive content consumption” to “I do everything my coach (Sky) tells me to”, you'll never even have to hire a poker coach.


With the next 3 items you study, treat them as if it's ME coaching YOU:

  • Pay attention as if I'm talking personally to you in a 1-on-1 coaching session.
  • Take notes on what you learn.
  • Take action with the action step(s) I give you. If necessary, repeat the action step(s) multiple times until the lessons sink in and you feel comfortable with the strategies.
  • Once comfortable, move on to the next video and repeat the process.

If you enjoy this coaching mindset over the 3 items you study, continue approaching all poker content (from me and others) this same way and watch yourself improve like never before.


Sky Matsuhashi

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