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How to Turn Around a Poker Misclick – Winning a Multiway 3bet Pot


Sky Matsuhashi

on November 22, 2022

I misclick called a 3bet from the big blind, putting me out of position in a multiway pot… and I just had 75s!

In this article (also with video and podcast, links below), I discuss how I made the best of my misclick call. I analyzed the situation, my opponents, my options and I made the perfect play that won me a 24bb pot.

Watch the video for this article:

Download this podcast episode #417 and follow along below as you listen.

Oh, no ????! I misclick called a 3bet in the BB!

An accidental misclick of calling, betting or raising isn't the end of the world. Pause, take a breath, and ask yourself:

“How can I win this hand?”

Here's the situation I found myself in:

  • My first hand at the table, and I didn't know much about my opponents.
  • Villain 73 opened in the CO, Villain 74 on the BTN made a small 3bet to 8bb. The SB folded and I misclick called the 3bet. It happened so fast, that my opponents must have thought I hit the “Call Any” button before action was on me.
  • Villain 73 called, so 3 of us went to the flop.


Well, even with the worst of holdings, you might still hit a strong hand. For example, Flopzilla Pro tells us that my 75s hits:

  • 2 pair or better 5% of the time.
  • Top pair or better 8% of the time.
  • Top pair or better and open-ended straight draws or better 25% of the time.


But even with TP, I'm not really happy with the flop (742 isn't that great of a flop for me, even though I hit TP).

This means, if I'm going to win this pot, I'm going to have to bluff.


My Flop Options When OOP vs 2 Players

Well, the Js 9h 4h flop didn't hit me at all. I could always just check and give up with my weak backdoor draws.

Or… I could try to win it! Ganbatte! ????

  • Not favorable: Check-call, bluff or hit my draw later.
  • Decent play: Check-raise bluff.
  • Not favorable: Donk bluff.
  • Lovely play that risks nothing right now on this dry-ish flop: Check and bet when they check behind.


Analyze the Situation

Before I checked, I analyzed the situation and there was a lot going for me:

  • I'm an unknown player who has a confusing “call any 3bet” range (remember, the misclick was so fast it looks like I clicked “Call Any”).
  • It's a pretty dry and hard-to-hit board (except for flush draws), so there's a good chance they're both checking behind.
  • The BTN made a small 8bb 3bet >>> smells weak.
  • The CO opened/call >>> smells weak.


The Strategy I Planned and Used

Given the points above, I thought it was best to time down to make 'em think I had a hand. You can imagine, after an auto-3bet-call, it looks like I might have an overpair or maybe any pair. So, I have all the sets in my range. If I hit a set or overpair, I would naturally consider my options before finally checking. Hopefully, they'll pickup on this signal I'm trying to send.

Then, if they check behind, I'm going to make a “value” bet on the next street. So, I asked myself, “What would I bet with a set or overpair?” 13bb's felt right.

So, that's exactly what I did and I took down the hand:


How to Misclick Then Win a Multiway Pot from Out of Position

FIRST: pause, take a breath and ask yourself, “How can I win this hand?” You can do this on any flop that you miss, not just misclick situations.

On dry boards, when there's a good chance they'll both check, just check. But time down first to make it look like you've got a decision.

Can you rep a strong hand on the board? If so, plan for a turn probe bet.

If they check behind, they've fallen into your trap. Ask yourself, “What would a set bet?” Bet that amount and don't hesitate in betting, that would show indecision and weakness.

The basic strategy here: Use hard-to-hit boards and bet when they check. This is actually useful at anytime, not just when you misclick.



Sky Matsuhashi

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