How to Study Poker: Volume 2 – The Images

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Volume 2 Introduction Images:

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Figure 1. The Weekly Poker Stats Tracker with my actual YTD numbers filled in (as of 4.2.17).


Figure 2. My LeakTracker Stats Report generating LeakTracker related statistics


Figure 3. Filtering for hands played IP on the flop


Figure 4. Filtering for hands played OOP on the flop

Day 1 Images

YTD Stats through 4.1.17


My Quantifiables for Week 1


Figure 5. The 7% Range I’m Theoretically Calling 2bets With


Figure 6. PokerTracker 4 Hand Range Visualization for my actual pre-flop 2bet calls


Figure 7. PokerTracker 4 filter for “Saw Flop as PF 2bettor %”


Week 1 Study Calendar

Day 2

Figure 8. KJ is the worst King I’m opening from EP


Figure 9. KJs vs a 5% calling range has 47% equity


Figure 10. A2s vs a 13% calling range has 43% equity pre-flop


Figure 11. 76s has 41% equity vs the wide 33% 2bet calling range


Figure 12. A 33% range “hits” the flop about 28% of the time


Play Session Plans (with Cool down notes) for Day 2

Day 3

Figure 13. Moving the “Hole Cards” column to the far right to hide it from view


Figure 14. Hiding hole cards in the hand replayer


Figure 15. An almost 17% calling range could stand to ditch the weaker broadways, and turn some of these hands (T9s-87s and A5s-A2s) into 3bet semi-bluffs.


Figure 16. A filter for reviewing your results when calling with 22-66.


Figure 17. A6o has 35% pre-flop equity vs a 5% 2bet calling range


Figure 18. K4o has 36% pre-flop equity vs a 13% 2bet calling range


Figure 19. 86s has 41% pre-flop equity vs a wide 33% 2bet calling range

Day 4

Figure 20. Calling an EP raise from the CO (value 3betting the stronger, un-highlighted hands)


Figure 21. Calling an MP raise from the BTN (value 3betting the stronger, un-highlighted hands)


Figure 22. Calling a CO raise from the SB (value 3betting the stronger, un-highlighted hands)


Figure 23. Calling a BTN raise from the BB (value 3betting the stronger, un-highlighted hands)


Figure 24. Calling a BTN raise from the BB (value 3betting the stronger, un-highlighted hands)


Figure 25. The 5% Calling Range vs Common Board Textures Spreadsheet - Completed


Figure 26. How a 13% Calling Range fares on various boards – Incomplete


Figure 27. How a 22% Calling Range fares on various boards – Incomplete


Figure 28. How a 33% Calling Range fares on various boards - Incomplete


Figure 29. Showing how a 5% Calling Range hits Middle Pair+ on a K64r board 70% of the time

Day 6

Copy and paste the hands below into Flopzilla and save as your new __% 2bet Calling Range

5%: no change QQ-22
8%: no change JJ-22,AQo-AJo,KQo,AQs-AJs,KQs
13%: TT-22,AQo-ATo,KQo-KJo,AQs-A9s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s,65s
17%: TT-22,AJo-ATo,KQo-KTo,QJo-QTo,JTo,AJs-A9s,A5s-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s,65s
22%: TT-22,AJo-A9o,KQo-KTo,QJo-QTo,JTo,AJs-A2s,KQs-K7s,QJs-Q8s,JTs-J8s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s-86s,76s-75s,65s
26%: 99-22,AJo-A8o,KJo-K9o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o,ATs-A2s,KJs-K2s,QJs-Q8s,JTs-J8s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s-86s,76s-75s,65s,54s
33%: 88-22,ATo-A2o,KJo-K9o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o,98o,ATs-A2s,KJs-K2s,QJs-Q7s,JTs-J7s,T9s-T7s,98s-97s,87s-86s,76s-75s,65s-64s,54s,43s
New 51% range: 88-22,ATo-A2o,KJo-K2o,QJo-Q8o,JTo-J8o,T9o-T8o,98o,87o,76o,65o,ATs-A2s,KJs-K2s,QJs-Q2s,JTs-J2s,T9s-T2s,98s-95s,87s-85s,76s-74s,65s-63s,54s-53s,43s

Figure 30. My updated 2bet Calling Ranges in Flopzilla

Day 7

Figure 31. An almost 17% calling range could stand to ditch the weaker broadways, and turn some of these hands (T9s-87s and A5s-A2s) into 3bet semi-bluffs.


My Week 1 Ending Quantifiables


Figure 32. I have this Cheat Sheet laminated and sitting next to my monitor for use in-play


Figure 33. Mind Map for Assigning Accurate 2bet Calling Ranges

Day 8

Week 2 Stats Tracking


My Quantifiable Statistics for Week 2 with beginning YTD numbers


Week 2 Study Calendar

Day 9

Figure 34. Selecting the “Import Quick Filter” option


Figure 35. Running the “4bet Hands” filter to find a +574.94bb/100 hands win rate


Figure 36. Filtering for all pre-flop 4bet scenarios


Figure 37: Simple VPIP filter


Figure 38. Filter for pre-flop all-in action


Figure 39. On the Button facing a Cut-off open raise

Day 10

Figure 40. Filtering for Delayed IP Cbet Opportunities


Figure 41. Part one of the filter. Save this separately as “OOP Flop Raise Cbet Opportunity” after combining all into one.


Figure 42. Entering a percentage range from 42% to 44% when facing a roughly 75% pot-sized cbet.


Figure 43. The final filter for Facing a 75% Flop Cbet OOP


Figure 44. Combining two Quick Filters to create a more detailed filter.

Day 11

My chart for tracking the 14 leak filters

Day 13

Figure 45. LeakTracker results. My Fold to T Bet % is extremely high.

Day 14

Figure 46. The stats, in order from left to right and top to bottom, that BlackRain79 uses


Figure 47. The player report is sorted by “Hands”


Figure 48. Setting the expression filters to find winning players


Figure 49. Filtering for Ice Bank Mice Elf’s Attempts to Steal. His win rate is at -16bb/100 hands.


Figure 50. My win rate is +104bb/100 hands when attempting to steal


My Week 2 Ending Quantifiables

Day 15

Weekly Stats After 2 Weeks


Week 3 Quantifiables for the theme of "Facing Flop Check-raises as the Cbettor"


Figure 51. Break-even Percentages for three different Check-raise sizings


Week 3 Study Calendar

Day 16

Figure 52. The filter for Cbet Flop, faced a Check-raise and saw Showdown


Figure 53. Running a Players Report and filtering for Cbet, facing Check-raise, Went to SD

Day 18

Figure 54. The filter for Flopping TP and Facing a Raise

Day 20

Figure 55. The filter I use for reviewing my flop check-raising hands

Day 21

Figure 56. Filter for over-pairs on flop facing a check-raise


Week 3 Final Quantifiables


Week 3 Mindmap

Day 22

Weekly Statistical Analysis through Week 3


Figure 57. How to find the number of sessions played and time spent playing.


Week 4 Statistical Quantifiables for the theme of 'Assessing and Preventing Tilt'


Week 4 Study Calendar

Day 28

The Week-ending Quantifiable Statistics for the theme of Assessing and Preventing Tilt

28 Days of Poker Study Wrap-up

Final Stats Tracking for the Full 18 Days of Poker Study

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