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How to Have Fun Playing Loose and Aggressive Poker


Sky Matsuhashi

on March 1, 2023

I had a great loose and aggressive session the other day. Good results and even better fun was had sticking it to my opponents. Let me show you what I focused on to play looser and more aggressive than I usually do.


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Why Play a Loose & Aggressive Session?

You know me, I'm known for tight and aggressive play in my own style and my coaching (like in my training site,

So, why would I play loose and aggressive?

  • For fun! Yep, socking it to them with bets and raises makes poker exciting.
  • When on a downswing or a poker funk. Switching up your play style can be a great way to re-invigorate yourself.
  • Trying something new (experimentation) leads to growth. Getting aggressive can help grow your poker skills, but also, give insights into how to fight back against those who use lots of aggression against you.
  • To make more money! (Not mentioned in the video above) If you're a winning player who knows how to use aggression to earn more pots and more value, the more hands you play, the more hourly profits you'll earn.


Strategies for Playing Loose & Aggressive Sessions

If you're not used to playing a LAG style (maybe you're a TAG or a loose-passive player), these strategies will help you adjust:

  • Drop down in stakes as necessary. Maybe committing larger bets and raises at your current stake is tough. Drop down to make the aggressive plays less costly.
  • Have this pre-session attitude: “Let's get aggro!” By starting the session with aggression at top of mind, you'll be more likely to do it.
  • Play IP as much as possible. Aggression is always easier with positional advantage.
  • Attack! when you sense weakness. If weak, they're more likely to fold and give you the pot. Good attacks: bet when they check and raise vs small bets.


Preflop Aggressive Hand Examples

At 4:20 in the video, I review 5 hands with aggressive preflop actions:

You'll see me: Open-raise with J3s, isolate a weak player with 98o, 3bet with 65s and 3bet squeeze with T9s.

I also 3bet in the blinds with a callable hand, 88, and I discuss the rationale behind that aggressive option.


Post-flop Aggressive Hand Examples

At 14:35 in the video, I review 4 hands with some post-flop aggression:

I cbet bluff with 87o and make a bluff raise when I sense weakness while holding just AK. I make specific preflop call with 33 just to exploit the open-raiser on the flop. In the last hand, I make a check-raise on the flop.


Take Action!

If this post and video has inspired you to play a loose and aggressive session for yourself, what are you waiting for?! Good luck and enjoy socking it to 'em.


Sky Matsuhashi

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