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Get To It and DO THIS to Be In the Top 1% of Poker Players


Sky Matsuhashi

on May 1, 2024

I'm going to help you get to it and do the things that will put you in the top 1% of poker players. For those who struggle with poker improvement, this is the one for you.

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This episode was inspired by a new student who sent me this email:

I’m very disappointed so far, but not with anything but myself. I have had a lot of things going on that have distracted me from taking time to really dive deep into the Poker Forge or even play as much as I wanted. I have just kind of bounced around here and there looking at all there is to offer. Starting this week I am determined to get the show on the road.

As soon as I saw this from my student, I composed an email and I gave him a simple 3-step solution to help him finally get to it, to get the show on the road, and work to become the player that he wants to be.


3 Steps to Get To It and Be In The Top 1% of Poker Players

These 3 steps are actually quite simple and I have a challenge I’ll give you below to help you do these 3 steps and become a top 1% poker player.

If you can build the discipline and the habit of just doing these 3 things, you’ll make leaps and bounds in your poker journey like never before. 


Step 1: Choose ONE Thing to Learn

Have you purchased a new course recently, or are you a member of the Poker Forge, and you want to focus on that?

Maybe you bought a new poker book and want to learn everything it has to teach you.

Maybe you just downloaded the perfect podcast that addresses your biggest poker leak, so you want to focus on that.

The key here is that you choose only ONE thing to learn from until you finish it. Don't allow overwhelm or FOMO to derail you from finishing and mastering this ONE thing. But, do allow yourself to IGNORE everything else.


Step 2: Dedicate ONE Hour Per Day to Study and Play

We're keeping this very simple: Block off one hour in your daily schedule for poker. Ideas: 

  • First thing in the morning
  • During your lunch break
  • After work before dinner
  • Before bed instead of Netflix

I know; with family, work, friends, hobbies and more, it can be tough to find a free hour every day. That's why you have to MAKE this hour available for poker.

If somebody offered you $10,000 to dedicate one hour per day to poker for an entire month, could you do that? I bet you can. So, if you can do it for $10,000, you could also do it for just the promise of improving your skills. And if you could do it for an entire month, you could do it for an entire year and for the rest of your journey.


Step 3: Study for 10 Minutes, Then Play or Study for 50 Minutes

Whip out that one thing that you're studying and study it for just 10 minutes or until you learn a strategy that you can practice. As soon as you say, “I’m going to practice that!”, bookmark that part of the video, the book, the podcast or the article you’re studying so you can pickup where you left off tomorrow.

Then, fill the remainder of the hour with purposeful in-game practice. Or, review hands from your database to analyze how you've played that situation in the past.

Tomorrow, you'll resume studying from that bookmark for another 10 minutes or until you learn something new. Then play or study as you see fit for the remaining hour.


Simple, right?

Look how simple that is. It’s easy to see how those 3 steps will have you doing more and working smarter than 99% of your opponents, putting you in the top 1% of players. 


Take Action

I always give you an action step because ACTION IS THE GREATEST TEACHER.

The action step for today is obvious: Do those 3 steps starting today. Center all of your poker play and study around those 3 steps. Once again, the steps are:

  1. Choose ONE Thing to Learn
  2. Dedicate ONE Hour Per Day to Study and Play
  3. Study for 10 Minutes, Then Play or Study for 50 Minutes

Do it today, tomorrow and every day after that.


Join the Get To It Poker Challenge

To help you put those 3 steps into action in your life, I designed a poker challenge for you.

It’s the Get To It Poker Challenge, and it’s a 3-day repeatable challenge that I gave a few weeks ago to my Smart Poker Study newsletter audience. They loved it and I figured it would be really good to give to my YouTube audience as well. 

Join the Challenge here:


As soon as you join, you'll get an email telling you to block off 1 hour per day over the next 3 days.

24 hours after that, you'll get the Day 1 Email with video. It will give you a specific 1-hour task of playing poker with a particular focus.

Then get ready for the Day 2 and Day 3 emails with videos. I’ll give you additional tasks that will have you studying and playing with purpose to improve your skills in a key area for you.

Join the Get To It Challenge right now and begin building the habit of getting to it and working to become a top 1% player. 


Sky Matsuhashi

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