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Get Excited with this New Warm-up Idea: Watching Greatness in Action


Sky Matsuhashi

on May 17, 2021

Get excited by greatness!

Here's a new warm-up technique I learned from Patton Oswalt in a recent Carolla Classics podcast episode. The conversation begins at about the 2:01:00 mark. It's originally from The Adam Carolla Show episode #233 in January 2011.

Listen to this episode to hear Patton discuss this “excited by greatness” warm-up idea:

I love this poker warm-up because just like greatness excites Patton to write better, it excites me to play better.

Here's the Gale Sayer's clip from YouTube:

All I need is 18% between your VPIP and PFR. – Sky

When I see greatness on display (their grace and talent and hard work), these incredible athletes make me want to excel just like them.

I'm excited by the perfection I see! I know I'll never be the Gale Sayers nor Neymar Jr. of poker, but I can at least strive to play as good as I can in every outing.

If Gale Sayers can get 6 touchdowns in one game, I can win 6 buy-ins in one session!

In the episode, Oswalt went on to say, “I want to do that (be incredible at something) in the thing I'm able to do. I want to try to reach that level.”

Here are more demonstrations of greatness from some of the best players ever:

Take Action!

Watch one of the videos above before your next play session. Allow yourself to get excited by their greatness then dominate on the felt!

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Sky Matsuhashi

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