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The Learning Center HUD for PokerTracker 4

This Learning Center HUD for PokerTracker 4 (download and save it to your desktop, then import it into the HUD Profile Editor in PokerTracker 4) helps you learn to use their tendencies against them in certain spots. The HUD is prebuilt with 5 spots, but you can use this to learn how to exploit in any other spot in the future.
Discussed in this YouTube video:


The Honesty HUD for PokerTracker 4

This Honesty HUD for PokerTracker 4 (download and save it to your desktop, then import it into the HUD Profile Editor in PokerTracker 4) highlights a player's honest street post-flop (the street where they tend to fold without the goods, or rarely bet only with the goods). It's the Default PT4 HUD just edited with an additional post-flop positional popup added for further detailed statistics. Discussed in this YouTube video:


Learn to Beat Online Poker 1-Year Plan

Download this 7-page 1-Year Plan PDF to transform your online poker game! You'll play and study with purpose through 12 months of intensive training to turn yourself into the player you want to be and crush the competition. First discussed in podcast episode #471: Transform Your Game! 1-Year Plan to Excel in Online Poker.


Focus HUD for PokerTracker 4 - Aggression Factor (AF)

This PokerTracker 4 FOCUS HUD (download and save it to your desktop, then import it into the HUD Profile Editor in PokerTracker 4) will help you focus on one statistic at a time so you can efficiently learn to use that stat to exploit players. Edit the HUD as you want to learn new statistics. This version was built with Aggression Factor (AF) as the focus. Discussed in this YouTube video:


3bet Re-steal Poker Challenge Tracker

This nifty tracker will help you improve your 3bet skills.  First discussed in the blog post called 3bet Re-steal Poker Challenge on 7/2/15.


7 Steps to Poker Book Learning PDF

This great one-page PDF contains the 7 steps to getting the most from every poker book you read.  First discussed in episode #21: How to Learn from Poker Strategy Books on 2/2/16.


Leak Plugging PDF

This 6-page leak plugging PDF gives you all the information you need to diagnose and plug 6 different, common and costly poker leaks. This was shared in 4 leak plugging podcast episodes #38#42#47 and #49 from early 2016.


30-Day Poker Study Challenge Tracker

This great 30-day tracker will help you build the habit of poker study into your daily routine.  It's not designed to make you a poker master or a specific skill ninja, but will help to ingrain the valuable habit of study into your life.  Discussed in episodes #42: Plug Your Leaks #4: Poker Study Apathy on 3/8/16 and #7: 30 Day Challenges To Build Good Poker Habits on 1.19.16.


Steps to Construct 3bet Calling and 4betting Ranges

This range construction PDF was created to help you construct your opponent's ranges when defending against your 3bets with either a call or a 4bet.  Discussed in episode #77: 3bet Continuance Ranges on 7/5/16.


Observation HUD

This PokerTracker 4 HUD (download and save it to your desktop, then import it into the HUD Profile Editor in PokerTracker 4) was created to help myself stay focused on the action at the table instead of over-relying on HUD stats.  Discussed in episode #144: Observation HUD and the Simple Truth on 6/23/17.


66-Day Challenge Tracker

This 66-Day Challenge Tracker will help you develop healthy habits through 66 days of purposeful action.  Discussed in episode #168: Sleep, Eat, Move, Improve… Your Mind on 12.10.17.


HUSNG Poker Challenge Tracker

This tracker allows you to track your HUSNG progress.  First discussed in episode #175: “Valuable Lessons from 263 Heads Up Sit and Go Matches (HUSNG)”  on 2/10/18.


Double-Studying Your Hands Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will help you take notes on the initial review of a hand and each subsequent review.  The purpose of double-studying hands is to see how your knowledge has developed through your studies and play.  This was discussed in the YouTube Video called Double-Studying Tagged Hands posted on 11.27.18.


10 Action Steps from ‘Exploitative Play in LIVE Poker'

I'm sure you know how good this book by Alex is, but have you gotten all from it that you can?  Put these 10 Action Steps (download here) into practice as you read the related chapters to understand the strategies Alex discusses.  This was discussed in podcast episode #231: ‘Exploitative Play in LIVE Poker' by Alex Fitzgerald originally released on 4.16.19.


10 Action Steps from ‘Poker Satellite Strategy'

I loved this book by Dara O’Kearney And Barry Carter. These 10 Action Steps (download here) will help you win more satellites and make it into higher priced tourneys. This was discussed in podcast episode #233: ‘Poker Satellite Strategy’ By Dara O’Kearney And Barry Carter originally released on 4.18.19.


The Top 11 Poker Profit Boosters

Are you looking for some simple fixes to the actions that are costing you money on the felt?  This PDF consolidates everything I taught in episode #240 into an easy-to-follow one page guide to earning more profits.  This was discussed in podcast episode #240: 11 Profit Boosting Solutions to Poker Losses' originally released on 6.7.19.


Statistical Tracker

This Statistical Tracker (in Word format) will help you track your changing statistics as you study and work to improve your game.  It contains all of the important PokerTracker 4 stats found within the LeakTracker function.  This was discussed in podcast episode #246: 8 Micro Stakes Poker Questions' originally released on 7.15.19.


The ‘No Time for Study' Plan

This poker study plan is exactly what the time-strapped poker player needs.  This is a KISS-inspired plan that only requires 10 minutes of study per day.  This means the majority of each week's poker time is dedicated to playing and purposefully practicing the skills you're studying.  This was discussed in podcast episodes #219: A Poker Study Plan for those with no time and #260: A Simple Poker Study Plan.


7 Characteristics and Exploits Against the 4 Common Player Types

This handy sheet for understanding the characteristics of different poker player types and ways to exploit each was just discussed in podcast episode #289: How to Spot and Exploit the 4 Common Poker Player Types on 5/1/20.  Previously mentioned in podcast episode #123: Gathering Information On Opponents.


41 Statistics and Win Rates Tracker

This super-useful stats and win rates tracker will help you find areas of opportunities in your database of PokerTracker 4 hands. It was shared in episode #346: The 3 Things You MUST Do Before Hiring A Poker Coach and #320: The Simple and Efficient Way to Study Your Online Poker Hands on 12/4/20.

This video will help you fill out the tracker: Click here.


Top 10 Poker HUD Stats Cheat Sheet

This incredible HUD stat cheat sheet will help turn your confusing HUD into the useful tool it should be. Make sure to take action with the 3 action steps on page 6. This is how you will finally learn to use your HUD, with purposeful action!


Preflop Ranges Cheat Sheets

Need help doing hand reading in-game? These range cheat sheets will help you visualize their range and gauge how it interacts with the board. If you laminate them or use a sheet protector, you can add/remove hands from their range with a dry erase marker just as you would with an off-the-felt hand reading exercise.


The Poker Study Cheat Sheet

Want to get more from your poker study time? Download and use this study cheat sheet right now. Plan your studies, track stats and win rates, conduct efficient hand history reviews and more.


Your Poker Journal

This free journal in Word format will help you track your studies, your results and dissect your play sessions. Click here to download your free poker journal and watch a video to learn how to use it. Listen to the episode where I discuss it: #362 – Your Poker Journal.


Tournament Tracker

This free tournament tracker in Word format (so you can edit it) will help you track your tourney results, stats and win rates. Click here to download the tracker and watch a video to learn how to fill it out. Listen to the episode where I discuss it: #379 – Improve Tournament Poker Results With This FREE Tracker.


5 PokerTracker 4 Study Strategies EVERY Player NEEDS To Use

Click here to download the 17-page PDF Study Guide. It will teach you the 5 best study strategies using PokerTracker 4. You can follow along with the text and pictures in your own PT4 database, or you can “do as you consume” with the videos linked inside the PDF. This was first released with my YouTube video called You MUST use these filters for smarter PokerTracker studies.


Poker Training – The Ultimate Question

Ready to train the most beneficial poker habit? Asking and answering Poker's Ultimate Question with every action your opponent makes will improve your reads, your exploits, your profits and enjoyment of poker. Click here to download the Poker Training – The Ultimate Question PDF. Let's get you using more information in every hand you play to make reads and determine the best exploit to use.


Find More 3bet Bluffs – Preflop Poker Training with Quiz

I know you want to turn some of those questionable calls, or even some reasonable calls, into 3bet bluffs. 3bet bluffing allows you to win the pot now instead of calling in hopes of hitting a hand on the flop. Plus, it puts you in more Bread & Butter spots!  Click here to download the Find More 3bet Bluffs Poker Training PDF. Page 1 teaches you how to find and make profitable 3bet bluffs in various situations. Pages 2-11 are a 20-question quiz and an answer key to check your work.


Range and Flop Texture Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is an important part of building your flop texture understanding so you can make better, more profitable cbets.  I filled out the first table for you (30% caller's range), but it's your job to do the rest (10%, 20% and 50% caller's ranges).  I could give the answers to you, but you really won't learn much if I did that.  You'll get so much more from this spreadsheet if you just spend an hour on it while using Flopzilla Pro.  Discussed most recently in episode #415: Make More Successful Bluff Cbets By Using Flop Textures (with a video showing you how to fill it out). Before that, #209: Q&A on 3bets, Cbets and Set Mining.  Originally from episode #134: Cbetting Board Textures |MED #6 Class #2 on 4/14/17.


KISS Cash Game Ranges & 5K Hands Challenge Tracker

These ranges (updated in Dec. 2022 with blackout and color blind ranges) were created for my book Preflop Online Poker. These ranges are exactly what you need to give yourself a mathematical edge and make money in micro stakes games.  The ranges have basic instructions on how to use them on page 1.  Read Preflop Online Poker for more detailed instructions. Last discussed in episode #419: Make money in online microstakes cash games with this preflop range challenge!

Download the KISS 5K Hands Challenge Tracker to analyze your results.



Need Simple & Effective Poker Study Guidance?

Download the FREE Poker Study Cheat Sheet

This free (and highly-actionable) cheat sheet will give you the simplest and most effective study techniques so your time isn't wasted and you improve your skills as quickly as possible.