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Firing the Double-barrel, Flopzilla & Unregulated Online Poker | Q&A | Smart Poker Study Podcast #88


Sky Matsuhashi

on August 18, 2016

I answer 3 listener Q’s about firing the double-barrel, what Flopzilla is good for and the perils of unregulated online poker.

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Firing the Double-barrel, Flopzilla & Unregulated Online Poker

Question 1 from Taaryn re: the double-barrel (2:00)

Hello Sky,
I think one of my greatest leaks is with barreling the turn. Meaning, if I Cbet the flop and my hand isn't top 2 pair or better I shut down. Without a value hand on the turn, I usually don't fire the double-barrel. I know that there are situations where it's OK to do so as a bluff and I can win by bluffing. It's maybe fear or not enough knowledge that prevents me from barreling.
Would it be possible to make some podcast / video on this topic?
Thank you for your great effort.
Take care, Taaryn

I’ll hit this topic in more detail within my new series, The MED's of Poker.  But for now, here are a few things to consider with each double-barrel bluff opportunity:

1. Bet once, bet again

The general rule in poker is if you bet once, you should bet again on the next street.  If you make the cbet for value, do so again on the turn to continue building the pot when you’re likely the best.  When you’re bluffing the flop, you should intend to bluff the turn unless there’s a reason to not double-barrel.  So by default, bluff once then bluff again, unless indications say your bluff won’t work.

2. The double-barrel is easier when in position

When you’re IP you control the action and you get to act after your opponent does.  When they show weakness by checking, you bluff.  If they show strength by leading out, then you fold, call or raise.  Position is an incredible advantage down the streets.

3. Street honesty

If you look at your opp’s stats and you see that they fold to flop cbets 35% of the time, but fold on the turn 60% of the time, you know this player is turn honest.  They float lots of flops only to give up the turn.  You’ve got to barrel the turn honest guys.

But, the pendulum swings both ways and street honesty can be used against you.  If you cbet the flop at 80%, but your turn cbet is only at 25%, then you're also turn honest.  They’ll call every flop bet IP, then bluff you off your hand after you check the turn.  Or they’ll c/c your cbet OOP, then when you check-behind the turn, they’ll donk lead the river.  So, don’t let your stats tell your opp’s how to exploit you.

4. The opponent

Calling stations are hard to bluff, TAG’s very easy and LAG’s are easy as well when you’re IP.  Know how likely your opponent will fold with a weak hand post-flop.  If he never folds, don’t bluff.  Always look at his fold to cbet stats both IP and OOP before you decide to bluff.

5. Stack size

It’s easier to double-barrel bluff when you’ve got enough chips to imply a third barrel on the river.  Players are more willing to give up post-flop when a big stack is in jeopardy.  If your turn double-barrel puts them all-in, don’t expect them to fold as winning this pot will add tons to their stack.

Question 2 from Joel Stott re: Flopzilla (6:35)

What’s up, Sky?
I’ve heard you mention Flopzilla quite a bit. What does it do, and why is it so good?
Take care, Joel

Flopzilla is my favorite poker software (besides PokerTracker4) and I use it in just about every study session.

It's is a range analysis software that helps you figure out how ranges and specific hands hit the board.  It also allows for range vs hand equity calculations.  You can use the software to hand read your opponents and it helps you choose your pre-flop ranges for opening, cold calling, 3betting and beyond.  Flopzilla lets you save these ranges as well for future calculations.

It’s super quick and easy to use as well, with just an hours practice or so.



Question 3 from Anonymous re: Unregulated Online Poker (11:50)

Hi Sky. I love your podcast and the FB site – thanks for all the great information. Just heard that you play on Full Flush and was wondering if there is a HUD that works on that site? I used a trial of PT4 to review hands I played on PSNJ and loved the data. Any info is greatly appreciated! Cheers!

Sorry to say but there isn't a HUD that works with Full Flush just yet.  But, for most other online poker sites you can play on that have been around for a while, PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 work perfectly well.

But, some bad rumors are circulating about FF.  Seems they haven’t been paying out for quite some time, so they may be insolvent.  Maybe do some research before you play there any more or make another deposit.

That’s one of the bummers with playing on unregulated sites in the US.  No regulation means they can do what they want.  Without regulation companies can screw up and go out of business, or they can just choose to up and quit with your money.  It’s the risk we take here in the US.

Up Next…

In podcast #89, I'll discuss 4 posts from the SPS Facebook Poker Group about LIVE cash games, MTT's, Ace-King, pocket 7's and the dreaded pocket J's.

Until next time, study smart, play much and make your next session the best one yet.


Sky Matsuhashi

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