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Do This BEFORE You Play Poker Again for Quick Improvement


Sky Matsuhashi

on March 8, 2023

If you do this strategy before your next session, you will actively work on your poker skills. What's this thing you MUST do?

Review losing hands, find the mistakes you've made, take note of them then work to NOT repeat 'em.

Sound simple? It is. Let's get into it.

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Find Mistakes, Take Notes, Take Action

I'm sure you've conducted many of these study strategies:

  • Study training material
  • Hire a coach
  • Take action with action steps (play/study with purpose)
  • Post in forums
  • Take a poker course


The study strategy I want you to do BEFORE your next session, and it's one of the most beneficial ones, is:

Find Mistakes, Take Notes, Take Action

Mistakes are simply learning opportunities. Don't shy away from your mistakes. They tell you exactly what you need to work on.

My favorite way of finding mistakes is through PokerTracker 4 database reviews (click here to get a free 17-page PT4 study PDF) where I'll pick 10 losing hands and review them street by street.

I'm pretty sure in 10 losing hands, you'll find at least 3 mistakes (I often find 5+).

If you can't find mistakes, just keep at it. Put the reps in! 💪💪💪💪💪

As your skills grow, you'll notice more and more mistakes. If you're not confident in your hand analysis skills, like any skill in life, the only way you'll get better and develop confidence is by doing it over and over again.


Do This For Each Mistake You Find

Make sure you whip out your Poker Journal. Then, for each mistake you find, answer these questions:

  1. What was the situation?
  2. What was your mistake?
  3. What will you do better next time?


Write your answers in shorthand or full-on paragraphs. Do an essay for each if you desire! 📜


Example Hand – AQo on the BTN

My preflop mistake of calling instead of 3betting.


A 2nd mistake of failing to bluff raise with lots of equity and many turn cards that will help me put barreling pressure on my opponent.


My poker journal answers for the hand above:

1. I called preflop on BTN w/AhQc, HU to flop of Jc3c2c.

2a. Failing to 3bet a wide open-raising folder.

2b. Also, failed to bluff raise his flop cbet w/overs+fd+bdsd.

3a. I will 3bet with strong AX hands vs folders, especially when IP.

3b. I will bluff raise on scary boards when IP + loads of draws/equity.


Before Your Next Play Session

Warm-up with your journal notes. Good idea: Choose 1 mistake to focus on for this play session.

Keep journal open for reference and to keep you on task with working to NOT repeat mistakes.


Take Action!

Review 10 hands before you play with chunking:

  • LP mistakes >>> review 5 hands in CO, 5 on BTN
  • EP mistakes >>> 5 in EP, 5 in MP
  • Blind mistakes >>> 5 in SB, 5 in BB


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