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Crack the Code: an Interview with Dr. Tricia Cardner | Poker Podcast #139


Sky Matsuhashi

on May 17, 2017

I interview Dr. Tricia Cardner about her poker history, her course on procrastination and her plans for the WSOP.

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Interview with Dr. Tricia Cardner (2:50)

Her Poker Beginnings (4:30)

She started with home games back in ’06 and learned a bit from Al Spath at

She’s no longer a poker professor b/c she’s really into poker and a few years ago started to make more money playing poker, so she chose the poker path in life.

Poker Coaching (7:15)

She coaches poker players on their mindset and psychology.  Her goal is to strategize with you regarding your needs and over just a few sessions she’s able to help you work through your mental issues.  The deeper the issues, the more sessions she’ll do with her students, but it’s often just 3-5 sessions then they’re off on their own.

Some issues she helps with is anger, depression and ADHD with her students.  It’s important to note that any psychological issues off the table will manifest themselves on the table, and playing poker can make those things worse.

With new students, she wants to find out three things initially:

  1. What the student is doing that seems to be working. You can find solutions to your problems when you notice and keep track of the times you’re able to focus and keep it together at the tables. Do what works more often.
  2. What triggers the student and leads them to poor play. You can make a plan to deal with your triggers before they happen.
  3. What the student has attempted to solve the problem so far.

The fundamentals are key as well; exercise, eating, sleeping, healthy habits.

Shining the light on your issues and becoming aware of them leads many students to solving the problems for themselves.  When we’re aware of things and track them, we can find dysfunctional patterns and work to fix them.

Executive Coaching (14:15)

She used to be an executive coach and worked with athletes as well.  All of her past experiences have turned her into a great coach.  She loves teaching people how to enhance their lives.

She believes in sharing her psychological knowledge with the world through her books and courses.  I’ve personally learned a lot from her.

Crack the Code: Free Yourself From Procrastination (17:30)

In her time working with many students, she knows that procrastination is a huge issue.  For poker players, we procrastinate when it comes to studying and even to playing quite often.

You’ve got to not treat your future-self poorly.  Do something now to help your future self.  I think I need to start treating my future-self better, kind of like how I treat my family and friends.

Future Courses (24:15)

Depression, Anxiety, ADHD; and chapter 7 from her book called ‘Transform Your Poker Game’

‘Peak Poker Performance’ is a great book that hits tons of topics and gives lots of actionable steps to take to work on your game. I highly recommend it, along with her courses.  Reading books is one thing, but actively going through a course and learning from video form helps people like me learn even better.

Webinar:  On Saturday, May 27th at 10am PST.  It’s a joint production between me and Mark Warner from   If you want more math goodness, this is the one for you.  We deep dive into the most important math and showing you how to practice it off the tables and use it on the tables. To learn more and to sign-up, please visit There’s a 30% discount if you purchase the webinar prior to Monday the 22nd at midnight, so don’t miss out!

2017 WSOP (27:25)

She’s heading to the series from start to finish.  This will be the 8th time she’s done the full 60 days at the series.

She plays predominately tournaments but she’ll be playing lots of cash this summer as well.  She’s a value hunter, and heads around Vegas to the best (profitable) tourneys.

She also discusses her poker beginnings which shows just how committed she is to not just helping players with their psychological issues, but she LOVES playing the game.  She’s definitely one of us!

Important message: You’ve got to know what you don’t know.  If you think you’re tops in everything, you won’t be motivated to study and improve your game.  But if you realize you lack skills in this area and that area, then you’ll push yourself to study to improve your game.

Her WSOP recommendation: play the satellites.  Soft fields and great chances to win some big lammer $$$ for buying into various events.

Poker players would be wise to keep their expenses down.

She’ll be at the D&B Publishing booth this year.  Stop by to say hi!

She’ll be playing the Tag Team Event with Jordan Young (Jymaster11).  What a great partner to have!

How you can learn from Dr. Tricia Cardner:

Twitter @DrTriciaCardner

Get her free and premium courses at

Learn more about her at

Join her exclusive Facebook Group (we're all invited): Poker Mindset Mastery Lab

Get the Poker On the Mind Podcast

Challenge (46:20)

Here’s my challenge to you for this episode:  Visit Dr. Cardner’s training site at and take the free course there called ‘Rev Up Your Poker Success’.  And, if procrastination is an issue of yours, I highly recommend her premium course called ‘Crack the Code: Free Yourself From Procrastination’.  This is such a beneficial course and I’m very happy that I went through the entire thing and did every one of the 14 action steps.  I’m getting better at not procrastinating as much, and I owe it all to this course.

Now it’s your turn to take action and do something positive for your poker game.



Sky Matsuhashi

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