Poker Coaching with Sky – for Poker Forge Members Only

My poker coaching revolves around your database of online hands and questions you have.  I point out leaks as well as profit making opportunities.  I also give you action steps to take both on and off-the-felt.  These will get you actively working on your game and earning more profit.

I only do 1-on-1 coaching for my Poker Forge members

  • Reason #1: with the 9 Masterclass courses in the Forge, I can find the perfect homework assignments for you to learn from and take action with during your time between our sessions.
  • Reason #2: some members get so much out of the Forge courses (because they treat each video like a 1-on-1 session with me) that they decide they don't even need the 1-on-1 coaching that they originally signed up for.
  • Forge members get a 33% discount for every 3 hours they purchase (regular price $150/hr).
  • Become a Poker Forge member today.

I coach online micro stakes cash game players from 2NL to 25NL.  Here are the coaching details:

  • Sessions are 1 hour via Zoom Meetings once every other week (every week if you have 20+ hours for poker play/study each week).
  • Before our first session, you'll send me your database of the most recent 5-10K hands.  I'll dive into your database and stats to start learning your game.
  • Also, you need to record 30 minutes of game tape where you speak through your decisions.  You can use a free software like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or any other screen recording software.

Available times:

  • I'm generally available from 8am to 8pm every day of the week, Pacific Standard Time. I can arrange my schedule to accommodate you.
  • Some time slots are already taken by other students, so contact me first once you become a Poker Forge member to schedule our sessions.

Session-by-session details:

  • In the 1st session I'll share some insights from your game tape. I'll also ask you questions about the actions you took, and your answers help me learn about your strengths and your weaknesses.  We’ll also hit your database and review your stats and win rates, and then I'll give you strategies and action steps to plug at least one of the leaks I discovered.
  • Every session following that will have us reviewing your database of hands in relation to ONE topic (cbetting, 3betting, calling rivers, etc.).  The topic of focus for each session will depend on your questions or the leaks I want to address.
  • We'll track your stats and win rates every session, review hands and discover leaks.  At the end of each session, I'll give you a plan (tailored to fit your needs) with in-game and off-table action steps you must accomplish to improve your game before our next session.  The plan I give is your homework for the week, and you're responsible for executing it.
  • I will also assign any Poker Forge videos for you to learn from that relate specifically to the area we're working on.
  • I record each session and send you the recording afterwards along with a Word document tracker.

Cost of Coaching:

  • 3 one-hour sessions for $450 total, with Poker Forge members receiving an additional 30% discount. This is available only within the Poker Forge member area.

My expectations:

  • You show up prepared with the homework completed.
  • 24-hour notice for session cancellations (from me or from you).
  • You're willing to use Flopzilla Pro (either experienced or not) so you can quickly grasp the concepts I teach with it.  If you need help learning Flopzilla Pro in preparation for the sessions, I can give you links to my free videos that will help.
  • Come to the session with questions or specific hands you'd like to cover. This is going to help you get more out of our sessions.  The more active you are as a participant, the more benefit you'll receive.

Free 5-Minute Coaching: