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Brad Wilson is Chasing Poker Greatness


Sky Matsuhashi

on November 7, 2019

I interview Brad Wilson of the new ‘Chasing Poker Greatness' podcast.  He's a professional poker player and founder of and has turned his attention to the podcast world through interviews with noted poker players and influencers.

Brad Wilson is Chasing Poker Greatness

This is Brad's second time on the show after breaking-off another hundo with me back in episode #101.

We kick it off with his story of being cheated while playing an international Chinese poker app.  He bounced after discovering that they were super-using and colluding against him.

  • It's critical you go through hand histories to see if others are cheating.
  • He discovered hugely positive red lines (great non-showdown winnings) with very loose-passive stats.

Brad discusses play-money poker app's like “Poker King” and how they actually work to make money.  Sounds like Japanese pachinko parlors to me. If you are going to play on an online app, make sure they're security-conscious and they take steps to protect their players.

Then we talk about his new podcast called ‘Chasing Poker Greatness'.  He enjoys interviewing poker's elite players, up-and-coming stars and tireless ambassadors of the game.

The goal of the podcast is to help you along your poker journey as his guests share their daily habits for improving their poker game, and invaluable wisdom they have gained through a life on the felt.

Notable Interviews:

He's mostly an online poker player, but he does value interacting with others.  That's one of the benefits that's come with his new interview podcast.  He's making contacts and building relationships with others in the poker world.

Brad's site,, is growing and he's posting plenty of strategy articles there.

You can also find poker training videos on his YouTube channel: Enhance Your Edge.


Sky Matsuhashi

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