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Alex Fitzgerald Returns | Smart Poker Study Podcast #53


Sky Matsuhashi

on April 12, 2016

‘TheAssassinato' Alex Fitzgerald returns in today's episode!  He's fresh off of two $109 MTT wins and he shares some strategies that led him to final table dominance.  He's also got what looks to be the greatest poker webinar ever coming up on Saturday, April 16th, 2016: ‘Master Poker With Only One Hour A Day: Anyone can play like a professional even if they do not want to go pro.'

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Alex Fitzgerald Returns | #53

Interview Content

Alex recently took down two $109 buy-in MTT's: one on Americas Cardroom and the other on Party Poker.  Check out the video replays on his Assassinato Coaching YouTube channel.  They're well worth the watch as he speaks to a lot of final table strategy used to win.  He shares with us some strategies on keeping your head in the game when you're short-stacked at the final table.  One great piece of strategy he offered:

When the board comes down 23456 and both players can expect a chop, one of the players may lead out in hopes of pushing their opponent off the chop.  If you believe this to be the case, you can throw out a 3x raise, and they'll think you're only doing this with a better hand as if you're chopping you'd just call.  Don't raise just 2x his bet b/c he'll often just make a sighing call.

As part of Alex's most recent webinar called ‘The Professional's Mindset', mental game coach John Wood gave a ton of great information on working on your mental game to be at the level of a professional poker player.  In the past, Alex coached John on his poker game and John coached Alex with some of his mental game issues.  Alex highly recommends John over all other mental game coaches.

Unconventional Tips for Tilt Control article.

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This Saturday, April 16th, Alex is putting on another webinar with an intriguing name: ‘Master Poker With Only One Hour A Day.'  I CAN'T WAIT!  This webinar is geared to getting the average Joe up to the level of the pros with the least work.  He actually guarantees 20-50% increase on your ROI from attending this webinar! (and putting to use the lessons he teaches, of course)

We discussed Alex's latest offering, “Master Poker with Only One Hour a Day.”

Master Poker With Only One Hour A Day

Here's the list of INCREDIBLE TOPICS that Alex will teach in the webinar:

  • What are the most important Cardrunners EV calculations we should do or see? Why would you do hundreds of analyses when I can simply tell you which ones tell you the real information?
  • What can we learn from the newest poker tools that have not been widely published?
  • How can we save our big blind as much as possible?
  • How can we manipulate bet sizings to save our small blind more than the limping-style players?
  • How can we deliberately practice without investing a dollar or eight hours a our day?
  • What statistics are the most important on a HUD? Why look at 40+ numbers when 3 to 5 can give you the largest gains?
  • When should we be 3bet bluffing and when should we not bother? How can we determine if we do it too much or not enough?
  • What hands cause players to lose the most money in today’s game? How has the strategy changed since a year ago, and what holdings has that effected?
  • What are the specific hands you are losing money with right now?
  • How do we play the river correctly, spot our most consistent leaks there, and correct them quickly?
  • How do we play the turn correctly to avoid some of the most expensive No Limit Hold’em errors?
  • How do we start double barreling and triple barreling more to make more money without losing control?
  • What are the largest leaks your competition has right now?
  • How can you quickly calculate whether your bets were profitable or not?
  • How you can take lessons from your study and turn them into rules to play by?
  • How do we use Flopzilla to double barrel more effectively?
  • What 20 filters, out of the thousands available on Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker 4, actually tell you how to improve?
  • What is the 12-Step Process to improve your game rapidly?

Books Alex Recommends:

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