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Al Spath | Smart Poker Study Podcast #14


Sky Matsuhashi

on January 26, 2016

Al Spath, longtime poker player and coach, was my first interview guest.

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Al Spath Interview, Podcast #14

Interview Content

Al Spath is the former Dean at Poker School Online, he writes articles for Ante Up magazine, posts training videos to YouTube, streams on Twitch daily, conducts interviews with noted authors and professional players and coaches and has taught more than 2,000 players.

Al coaches both online and LIVE low limit players, mostly in cash games.  He's been coaching since the late 1990's.

If you’re an absolute beginner, there’s tons of free training online (Al Spath's YouTube Channel) and of course watch Al’s Twitch channel (check it out here).  Get some low level books as well.

Beginner's 3 biggest mistakes:

  1. Playing too many hands
  2. No understanding of the importance of position
  3. Prone to checks and calls vs bets and raises

Learning from Twitch streams:

  • Just watch, listen and learn from Al’s teaching at the lowest levels.
  • Then get in there and put to use what you’re learning.
  • Continue watching Al’s videos, and when he’s dealt a hand, pause the video and decide what you would do in that spot.
  • Continue playing the video and see if your thought process matches Al’s, and if not, figure out what info you’re missing and start looking for it.

‘Sunday Conversations' with Al Spath

  • Al conducts interviews with notable poker authors, coaches and professional players
  • Recently, the “Cowboy” Kenna James Interview aired (discussed in this interview)
  • This past week Al also interviewed poker pro, coach and author Gene Hull.

Books that Al recommends:

The ONE Thing that every poker player needs to have an excellent grasp on:

  • Position & Aggression

Al mentioned Brad Wilson (from and Jason Sommerville (Twitch stream) as coaches he’s watched videos from recently.

To contact Al, send an email to  If you're interested in coaching, mention my name and receive a discount.


Sky Matsuhashi

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