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Achieve Your 2024 Poker Dreams with SMART Goals


Sky Matsuhashi

on December 28, 2023

I want to help you achieve your poker dreams in 2024! I'll give you my own SMART poker goal for 2024 below, and I'll help you create your own so you can make 2024 your best poker year yet!

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SMART Poker Goals

Here's my own SMART poker goal for 2024:

I will play 10,000 hands per month in order to reach 100,000 hands in 2024.


SMART is an acronym which stands for:

Specific – Very clear and says exactly what actions you will take

NOT something as wishy-washy as “I will play more poker” or “I will get healthy”.

Measurable – There are trackable quantifiables. You hit 'em or you don't.

NOT “I will build my bankroll” or “I will lose weight”.

Actionable – You're taking action, not just hoping for results.

NOT “I'd love to play more poker” or “I will try to hit the gym more”.

Relevant – Achieving this goal will improve your life in some way.

Time-bound – Give yourself a deadline/specific time frame to achieve

NOT “At some point, I'll double my bankroll” or “I'll join a gym”.

The SMART Goal Formula:

I will ACTION+TIME in order to DREAM/WISH.


2024 SMART Goal Tips

1. Know your dream, then create goals that lead to your dream.

Your Dream: I want to earn an extra $200 per month

Your Current Results: Play 25nl at +4bb/100 = $1/100 hands; 20,000 hands; play ~300 hands/hr

Example SMART Goal: I will play 20K hands (67 hrs/mo) in order to earn $200/month.

2. Shorter-term goals are easier than long term; stack 'em!

Example SMART Goal: I will play 2.2 hrs/day to reach 67 hrs/mo in order to earn $200/mo.

3. Create goals around things you control

You: Study to improve and plug leaks; work to achieve +8bb/100 hands.

Example SMART Goal: I will study 30-minutes daily to plug leaks and learn exploits in order to increase my win rate.

Example SMART Goal: I will schedule my weekly study & play sessions on Sundays in order to play and study enough.

4. Use rewards for accomplishing goals, hitting milestones

Example: Earn $100, withdraw and take your honey out to dinner!

5. Plan for setbacks

Example: Downswing? Drop down in stakes; flip/flop study & play time.


Take Action

Set your first SMART poker goal for 2024 using the formula and tips above.

I recommend keeping it short-term.

Once you hit it, set another (stack 'em!) and build to your dream!


Sky Matsuhashi

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