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3 Steps to Effectively Learn Any Poker Math Concept


Sky Matsuhashi

on February 3, 2022

I give you 3 simple steps to effectively learn any poker math concept, regardless of your math abilities.

This episode is taken from a poker math training video at my online training site,

Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below:

Step 1: One Poker Math Concept At a Time

Avoid overwhelm by allowing yourself to learn one at a time.

Ignore everything else.

1 concept fully learned per week > 6 concepts never fully learned.

Step 2: Hit The Poker Math Concept from Every Angle

Consume Content:

  • Videos, books, articles
  • Consume and take notes, create a poker math cheat sheet

Review Hands:

  • Filter in your database for applicable situation
  • Review hands (many!) and practice math

Practice In-game:


Step 3: Move On When Confident

Give yourself permission to repeat step 2 (hit it from every angle: consume, review hands, practice in-game).

Don’t have to be a “master”.

Ability to use it when it matters (in-game decision-making) is all that matters.



Sky Matsuhashi

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